Aug 3, 2014

How to Throw The Perfect End of Summer Party

It's been a great summer and we still have a month left of summer as we head into August. I'm already looking forward to fall with the crisp, cool fall weather, apple picking, Halloween parties, and gradual approach of Christmas. But before we can welcome fall, we must bid a great adieu to summer.



Enjoy the last weekend evenings of summer with friends, but without the stress of throwing a big to-do. A summer evening party should be fun and relaxed from prep to party to clean up!

Here's how to throw a summer sundown shindig completely stress-free!

- Invite a manageable number of people.

You might have 869 Facebook friends, but that doesn't mean that you need to invite all of them to the same Friday night get-together. An ideal party size for a tress-free get-together is between five and ten. If you think about it, you don't really get anything out of inviting more than ten people - do you really socialize thoroughly with all of your guests when you have a 50+ guest party?

Huge crowds are great for wild parties now and then, but no one really wants to host those. If you do host one of those, you should be prepared for a lot of prep and even more clean up work.

Instead, invite a small group of friends for a warm, comfortable, enjoyable party on a summer night. We still have a month of summer left, so you can throw multiple easy get-togethers rather than inviting them all at once.

- Keep the menu simple.

I'm as guilty as the next girl of an inner Chef Remy that looks at a block of cheese and has visions of something fabulous.

I know, I know - it's tempting to go crazy and try to put together an impressive spread for party.

But I caution you to please, please, please consider saving the kitchen experiments and culinary wizardry for another time, preferably one where you don't have guests and it's A-Okay if you collapse into a bawling mess of flour on your kitchen flour.

Guess what the difference between a funny fail and Failure with a capital 'F' and silent tears is?


Trust me, no one will complain about a nicely arranged platter of fruits, cheeses, nuts, crackers, and cookies. No one is going to say 'HEY! These aren't homemade, you delinquent domestic!'

And if they do, don't invite them to your next party.

- Don't forget liquid libations.

I'm not much of a drinker, but that doesn't mean that I should forget about my guests who do enjoy a drink or two.

I'm not suggesting that you take it upon yourself to get everyone absolutely wasted (please don't, especially if it's a rooftop party or if your friends will require the use of their livers in the future). However, some bottles of beer and a bottle of a wine or two are an appreciated touch that will help get the party started faster and put everyone a little more at ease, especially if they don't all know each other.

I suggest a nice rose for the season! It's the wine of summer and you can get a decent bottle for under $20.

- Choose an outdoor setting. 

You and your guests will automatically feel more at ease than if you're all bumping elbows on your couch. Also, cleanup is way easier when you're sitting on the grass or a NYC rooftop than over carpeting.

Especially with the aforementioned rose. Are your friends as klutzy as mine (and me)?

What are your top summer party tips?

What's your favorite summer adult beverage (or other)?

What's your summer song of 2014?

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