Aug 18, 2014

Kid-Friendly Nutrition: Fruigees Review

Guys, I have exciting (food) news - Fruigees now has a shelf-stable product that's available across the USA!

While this is pleasant news for everyone, it's particularly awesome news for parents and babysitters of kids who won't poke a stalk of broccoli without breaking into a wailing tantrum. 

Fruigees are a sweet, creamy fruit snack...with veggies hidden in there! You honestly can't taste the veggies at all, all three varieties are very fruity and sweet and taste just like their hallmark fruits. 

I expected to love the Cherry, followed by the grape, and not be too wild for the carrot orange, but I really couldn't rank them. All three were delicious, so naturally sweet, and creamy! 

I loved them chilled from the fridge, especially on hot days, but they're even a great snack at room temperature. That's perfect, because it makes keeping one or two in your handbag as an emergency snack really convenient.

Did I mention that they're really good for you? Here's a close up of how good:

Fruits and veggies and vitamins...and an awesome taste! These are perfect for back-to-school, any kid who finds one in their lunch bag or snack pack is a lucky kid.

Oh, and they're totally vegan, certified kosher, non-GMO, certified organic, gluten-free, have no added sugar, contain nothing artificial, and provide 100% of your daily vitamin C content. Happy snacking!

Do you like fruit snacks?

Are you into spiced applesauce or do you prefer original?

What's your favorite shelf-stable snack?

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