Aug 6, 2014

New Product: Mary's Gone Crackers Everything Pretzels Review

I'm a big fan of snack foods, but haven't done that many snack food reviews in a while. I know, I know - I totally dropped the ball there.

Cut me some slack! I graduated from Harvard, moved to a new city (love it, #NYCistheshizz), started a new job (don't love it, bummer), and discovered that I live down the street from a Red Mango and a raw vegan place whose cocoa pies and avocado sushi are #theshizz.


Okay, maybe that last one isn't relevant. But isn't it awesome?

Anyway, it's time that I get back to the important stuff. You know: blogging, decorating my room some more, getting back into the writing groove, studying my craft (kidding, I really meant playing pretend -> acting), and covering the snack stuff reviews.

To come back with a bang, I have something that's entirely new on the market for you guys. 

Drumroll, please...

Mary's Gone Crackers presents Everything Pretzels!

I'm definitely more of a sweet than savory snack girl, but I actually do enjoy pretzels. They mix into sweet snacks very well, whether it's mixing with chocolate, ice cream, yogurt, or any combination of the above!

I love that these are whole grain and all-natural, because a lot of pretzels are just refined white flour and salt, so there's no nutritional benefit to eating them. These are every bit as delicious (more delicious, actually, because the whole grains lend an extra nuttiness) so why not get in that extra fiber and extra nutrition?

They're also very flavorful - literally everything. 

Okay, not literally everything. But that's good, because who wants to eat bath water-flavored pretzels? Not this girl.

Instead, they're flavored by a lot of things that are delicious and healthy! Sure, there is a fair amount of sodium - they're a salty, savory snack, after all. But everything in moderation, so it's fine.

There's also garlic, onion, seeds (as we've come to expect from Mary's Gone Crackers), and spices of all sorts. All in all, a great snack for the mid-afternoon slump, a picnic, a hike, or (dare I say it?) brown bags for school or work.

Fall is coming! Whether you have a little ragamuffin or you are a little ragamuffin (okay, okay, if you're a college kid, I guess you're notthat little) it's not too early to start thinking back-to-school planning. The shops are already all on it! My little sister picked up the cutest pink glitter pencil pouch the other day.

I'm glad to see that my influence extends all the way down the East Coast to home, sweet home in North Carolina.

Speaking about home, sweet home and family - my super-smart, fabulously frugal mom is an excellent couponer. I haven't used them much in a while, but I think I'll get back into it with my newest non-pretzel obsession: the Checkout51 app. 

It's a free app that I found at the app store and you just download it to your phone, shop as you normally would, and scan in your receipt afterwards when you get home to get the coupon value as cash-back! 

It's perfect for the lazy couponer, because there's no coupon-clipping, no confused store clerks, no angry fellow shoppers getting impatient at checkout, and no need for foresight. 


The selections change weekly for what's available and you get your refunds cashed out once you hit the $20 cash-back mark. 

I'm not sure yet how it will work out for me, since I haven't used it long enough to see if the coupons offered are things I buy super much, but the range seems good, I like that offers change weekly like normal coupon circulars, and seems like it might be a good way to save a little on this crazy city prices.

I'll keep you updated, but I just had to share that with you guys because you're awesome and saving money is great.

Do you have any money-saving tips to share with me?Do you coupon? If you do, are you a systematic/extreme couponer or do you just do it occasionally, when you remember?

Pretzels or crackers? I'm usually leaning pretzels, including in this case.

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