Aug 12, 2014

Protein The Right Whey: SimplyProtein Review

I love protein bars, especially chocolate ones, but let's face it - it isn't hard to love something that's chocolate covered in chocolate with a layer of caramel, some nuts, a layer of nougat, and some more caramel under a final layer of chocolate.

Oh yeah, and maybe some soy nuggets or something tossed in there. Because, you know, protein.`
The Protein
Do you even lift, bro?

Um, okay. I don't. But even as a relatively girly actress-writer-model-nerd, I can tell that it's a little off for a protein bar (originally intentioned as a health food) to come in with the same sugar, saturated fat, etc. as a same size candy bar. Sometimes more!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with eating candy bars. I do. But when you want a protein bar, you generally want a protein bar health food, not a candy bar.

I recently learned of SimplyProtein, a brand of protein bars and other protein-packed snacks that's definitely not on the candy bar spectrum. All of their products have plenty of protein and just a bit of sugar.

So, of course, I had to know - eh, meh, or oh yeeeeah? 

I got to try a wide range of their products, because they're not just protein bars. 

I tried two protein bar lines, SimplyProtein Whey and SimplyProtein Bars, as well as the SimplyProtein Crunch (I was hopeful that this would be like granola - long story short: YES), and SimplyProtein Chips.

Let's start with the protein bars, since that's what brought me to SimplyProtein.

They not only have nutrition labels that read like a nutrition label should, but they're also perfectly portioned snacks and actually delicious. They're sweet and match their advertised flavors without being cloying. Everything in life doesn't need to taste like a fried Oreo, thank you very much.

In fact, I'd prefer if it didn't. As much as I like Oreos and all.

Of the two lines, I preferred the original to the SimplyProtein Whey as a personal preference. Both had spot-on flavors, but I liked the denser, more Chewy-bar-like consistency of the SimplyProtein Bar , while the SimplyProtein Whey was more of a rice krispie treat-ish consistency (which has never really been my thing, even back when I was a wee lass).

That's obviously going to vary based on what you're into.

The SimplyProtein Crunch was my next favorite from their line, because I lovelovelove all things granola. 

This was definitely a puffier granola (definitely more Kashi Go Lean Crunch than Bear Naked), maybe even more like granola-inspired cereal than flat-out granola.

 Then again, it never claims to be granola. That one's all me. 

I loved that it had killer protein, a decent sized serving (some granolas pretend 1/4 cup is a serving - psssshaw, maybe for an infant), and nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and FLIPPING HUGE CLUMPS making it the shizz. 

Thank you, SimplyProtein. Thank you for making my Greek Yogurt-topping dreams come true.

It's also sweet enough to make a healthy ice cream topping for a protein-packed dessert! Win, win, - dare I say it? - win! 

Last up are the SimplyProtein chips, which were also delicious and great for chip lovers. 

Salty snacks can be unhealthy in large amounts (though, if I want to be facetious, so can water), so it's nice to have a healthy option that still has crunch and chippy satisfaction for savory snackers.

Every time I see a healthy lifestyle infographic suggesting swapping chips for raw veggies and dip, I raise an eyebrow. 

Sure, raw veggies and dip are delicious and sure, that's a great smart snack, but let's be real - the crunch from a spear of raw broccoli and the crunch from a Dorito are no more closely related than a drugstore bodice-ripper and A Tale of Two Cities.

These chips are great with ice cream - crudites? Not so much.
I'm not buying it.

SimplyProtein Chips actually do satisfy that same time of crunch craving. And they do it delicious and, in my opinion, more satisfactorily since there's none of that heavy in your stomach feeling after. Awesome!

Have you tried any SimplyProtein products?

What's something you've tried recently that you really enjoyed?

What's your protein bar pet peeve?

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