Aug 24, 2014

YourTea Review: Digestive Help

I love NYC and living in NYC and food in NYC - but NYC life doesn't always love me back. Between late nights, early mornings, takeout, meals out, and brushes with food poisoning, my digestive system doesn't always love my new city life.

This cool Australian tea company, Your Tea, offered to let me try their digestive tea! They ship all over the world, with very reasonable shipping rates to the USA, and focus on natural tea blends (non-laxative, there's no senna) to help bring your body back into balance for optimal health and well-being.

Of course I wanted to give them a go!

The box is already very inviting and the cute pink exterior made it acceptable to have out on my desk in my room - I didn't feel that it was an eyesore and having it in plain sight made it easy to remember to drink my tea.

My tea with my NYC view!
You're supposed to drink a cup three times a day, about 30 minutes before or after a meal, for optimal effect on regulating your digestion.

I didn't follow timing to the letter, as it generally ended up being more like an hour, but I till felt the effects!

Beyond the fact that it actually worked, making me feel less bloated and experience stomach discomfort and cramps and pains less often, even while eating out the same amount, it was also really convenient.

I know loose leaf tea is great and all, but tea bags will always win for convenience. And hot pink tea bags are a double-win.

I felt better, the products are all-natural, and while my batch contained gluten (I don't have celiac's disease, so that's totally fine) they also offer gluten-free teas. There's something for everyone!

I'm very glad that I tried them - I have already ordered more tea, because it's just too helpful not to have on hand!

Even if digestion isn't your difficulty, I recommend checking them out. They have a variety of different teas with different goals for both men and women, so you're quite likely o find something that might help you!

Do you live in a city or the country?

What is/would be the hardest part about living in a big city for you?


  1. Moving to the city was one of the greatest things ever for me, big city life is totally my thing! Even though I really love getting out of town sometimes ;)

    1. I agree on both fronts! How long have you been in NYC? I just love how convenient and alive it is!


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