Sep 14, 2014

A (Foods) Alive Smoothie

Smoothies are such a great way to get in some much-needed nutrition in a busy on-the-go lifestyle. They're delicious, easy to consume on the go, and provide ample opportunity to get in some of those fruit and vegetable servings!

A common way to turn a fruity smoothie into a more substantial snack or mini-meal is to add a protein powder or smoothie mix. But if you want to customize your blend all the way, or you're sticking to using simple ingredients that are close to their natural form, there are many great superfoods out there that can add a great boost to your smoothie!

Foods Alive sent me their Smoothie Boost pack to try out - it's a great mix of superfoods, featuring their  Hulled Hemp Seeds (an excellent smoothie topping, as well as a great mix-in for some added richness and satiety), and their raw Maca Powder and raw Cacao Powder.

Maca and cacao, by the way, are a match made in heaven. If you haven't had something chocolate maca flavored before, drop whatever you're doing and go get some right this instant. It's a great flavor combination for chocolate bars and for smoothies!

Maca has a malty flavor, so mixing the cocoa and the maca powder with some sweetener (I used coconut sugar) in a smoothie makes for a malted milkshake style drink! I recommend blending with 2 frozen bananas and some soy milk as I did - yum!

But the back of the packet also comes with a tasty smoothie recipe (I tried it, it's good). And I think maca really is energizing, because I got a lot more done after drinking the smoothie!

Or maybe the yumminess gave me energy.

And have you tried a Hemp smoothie?

Do it.

I didn't have celery at the time, so I made it with kale - also delicious!
The only adjustment I would make to that recipe (which was delicious, by the way) is add some hemp seed on top. It's nice to have that little extra bit of something!

For some reason, I had never tried Hemp seed before (though I'm quite the fan of both chia and flax seed). If you haven't either, I recommend trying it - it's really yummy and also very good for you!

And a great dessert topping. Here's a preview of a yummy, healthy dessert using all three products. 

You'll have to stay tuned for my September 26th post to get the recipe!

Even if you're all stocked up on smoothie ingredients at the moment, give Foods Alive a look - they have lots of other products, too, including some beauty products!

Their organic herbal mint lip balm, made with artisan cold-pressed chia oil, goes on super smoothly. Treat your outsides and your insides well!

What are your favorite smoothie add-ins?

What are your favorite superfoods?

What's your favorite flavor pair featuring chocolate?

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