Sep 29, 2014

Mix Up Your Breakfast, Cali Style

California is known for a lot of great things - beaches, entertainment, and absolutely delectable health food of every variety.

I recently got to try some Californian nut butters from the Central Coast Nut Butters!

Nut butter is not only delicious, but also really good for you! It's chockfull of healthy fats, as well as minerals and even protein. It's great for your skin, your hair, your overall health, and your mood!

Central Coast Mexican Chocolate Almond Butter is particularly good for your mood. It's so delicious, with the right kick of spice, the perfect amount of sweet chocolate (but it's sweetened with stevia, so this isn't a Nutella-like sugar bomb!) and just a little bit of Himalayan pink sea salt to bring out the sweetness. 

It's easily my favorite in their line of nut butters, though I really enjoyed everything.

My second favorite was also definitely the Sweet Spice Walnut Butter. I love walnut butters in general, but the delectable fall spices gave it that extra something for this gorgeous time of year!

Continuing on the fall flavors theme, there's the Maple Pecan Butter. It's like a healthy spoonful (or sandwich slathering) of pecan pie!

But this one you can feel good about having for breakfast everyday, not just on Black Friday.

If you're a fan of icing, but want a healthy alternative (this is also sweetened with stevia and made with heart-healthy nuts), definitely try the Lemon Coconut Cashew Butter.

Cashews are a very mild nut, to start with, and make for a mild nut butter. This allows the flavors of the lemon and the coconut to shine through and the sweetness from the stevia turns the spread into something that tastes like an indulgent cupcake icing. But it's healthy!

As the holidays approach, keep an eye out for the seasonally-available Dark Chocolate Mint Almond Butter. It's a real treat!

The rich chocolate flavor paired with almonds and just the right amount of mint would delight even the Grinch before his heart grew three sizes!

The company is also a woman-owned small business, so that's another great reason to try one of these delicious nut butters!

What's your favorite kind of nut butter?

Do you prefer plain or flavored nut butters?

What do you like to pair nut butters with best?


  1. I'm a big fan of nut butters - the Mexican almond butter sounds interesting!


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