Sep 8, 2014

Tips For Healthy Hydration With Hint

Hydration is a huge topic in the hot summer months and it's really no wonder, since the scorching temperatures can make thirst really apparent and the effects of dehydration even more extreme.

Now that the weather is cooling off, people think less about hydration and reminders to drink regularly are no longer posted all over the subway and the internet.

But it's still important to hydrate! Especially with back to school and schedules picking up, it can be easy to forget to drink as much as you need to. But proper hydration is important for organ function, overall health, skin health, sleep, mood, and general well-being!

Here are some trips for staying hydrated this fall!

Drink a smoothie in the morning.

Some people have trouble drinking water first thing in the morning, but something sweet and with a thicker consistency can be easier to stomach.

A large mixed berry smoothie is a great way to get hydration, nutrition, fiber, and more. It's delicious, easy to drink, and a great option for those who aren't big fans of water in the morning.

Don't forget a banana or two for creaminess and a potassium punch - potassium is also important for maintaining a healthy water balance in your body!

Eat more fruits and veggies.

Did you know that apes barely ever drink anything? It's because they eat such water-rich foods that they really don't need to!

Okay, they're probably not enjoying vegan ice cream piled with fruit (see the yumminess above) or delicious Whole Foods salad bar hodgepodges (see below), but the point is that everyone's water needs vary. and a large part of that is how much water is in your food and how much you sweat.

If you sweat a ton and rarely eat any fruits or veggies, you probably need more water - if you barely sweat and/or you eat a lot of produce, you might not need as much.

Listen to your body, but don't wait until you're parched!

Flavored water.

I recently got to try Hint Fizz, a carbonated flavored water from Hint Water, and really enjoyed it!

There are many different delicious flavors, but they are all all-natural and unsweetened.

They're not sweet, but they have a hint of fruit flavor and are carbonated.

Ultimately, drinking water is a wonderful way to hydrate and even those who don't enjoy plain water can enjoy water - without the unnatural sweeteners or loads of sugar that make it unhealthy.

I can't decide which one is my favorite, but watermelon tastes like a bit of summer and strawberry kiwi is delightful. I bet it would be my little sister's favorite, I have to give her a bottle to try!

What's your favorite way to hydrate?

Do you prefer Hint or Hint Fizz?

What's your favorite Hint water?


  1. It's so important to stay hydrated! Especially during the hotter months :) Thanks for sharing these tips. I drink lots of water every day as well as load up on the fruits and veggies!

    xo Azu

  2. Thanks for posting this article! It is full of great information. women natural hydration drinks


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