Oct 31, 2014

A Grown-Up Halloween Indulgence


Everyone thinks being a kid on Halloween is the best - you get to dress up, go trick or treating with your friends, and collect bags full of free candy.

Sure, it's great. But I'd like to make a case for Halloween as an adult being even better.

Think about it - you still get to dress up, but now you have either (a) the skills to make a cool costume or (b) more than the $4.67 in loose change your piggy bank to buy a cool costume with.

I'm a belly dancer this year! And yes, I'm totally rocking the costume all day long.

You also still get to hang out with your friends, but instead of having to traipse about in the cold, soliciting candy from strangers, you can do it inside at a party with a nice ambient temperature (okay, okay, parties can get a little too hot).

And okay, the candy isn't free. But assuming you have some sort of job, or have had a job at some point, chances are that you have a few dollars to buy your own. And then you can get exactly what you want! It's all about quality over quantity - instead of collecting a bag full of cheap candy that tastes okay, you can order a few of your favorite treats that taste amazing!

I recommend Caveman Chocolates Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. They're paleo, vegan, and - above all - amazingly delicious!

Every order has five packets of two delicious dark chocolate cups each.

The ingredients list is short and sweet. It's just 70% dark chocolate, almonds, golden honey, organic vanilla extract, and sea salt.

Certainly more wholesome than the generic half-stale chocolate bars of childhood Halloween hauls, and also a million times more delicious.

The chocolate is rich and dark and intense, but not too intense. It's sweet, but grown up.

The almond butter filling is nutty and the perfect amount of salty, just like a really high quality homemade almond butter.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that amazingness?

Caveman Chocolates is a small company started by two brothers in Pennsylvania, who still make every batch themselves. Pretty cool!

Check 'em out. They make all of their chocolates by hand, so you know every piece is high quality and made with care!

Have a happy Halloween, everyone! Whatever you're doing tonight, be safe :) And don't forget to involve chocolate!

What's your favorite Halloween treat?

What are you doing this Halloween?

What is your favorite chocolate treat?


  1. Omgthosecavemancupstho they look deeeeeeelish

    1. They are! I highly recommend them :) Go to Etsy, bro


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