Oct 2, 2014

Healthier Fall Treats

Pecan pie is, hands down, the best fall dessert in existence.

Served a la mode, it might just be the best dessert (period) in existence!

But if you're avoiding eggs for whatever reason, or looking for something that fits into a primarily plant-based diet, it isn't that easy to find a good pecan pie.

Just want some pie!
Sure, increasingly health conscious consumers and increasing understand of the health risks of a diet high in trans fat mean that it isn't too hard to find a pie without lard. But a pie without eggs and butter? Keep looking.

Finding Carrot Top Bakery was awesome, because this artisan bakery is making life sweeter for everyone! Whether paleo, vegan, diabetic, or just trying to be a little healthier, their made-to-order treats fit the description. Best of all, they ship from Ohio to everywhere in the USA!

That's actually the second best thing (or maybe third best, if you count that the ingredients are natural and nutritious). The first best thing is the taste!

I fell in love with this pecan pie. This will definitely be a repeat order for Thanksgiving and all subsequent Thanksgivings, especially when hosting vegan friends or those with egg allergies.

But honestly? I'd order this pie even if none of those dietary restrictions apply. It's a really good pecan pie, not just a really good vegan pecan pie!

The filling is perfectly indulgently sweet with big, buttery pecans and a rich crust. It's very flavorful, so perfectly intensely pecan-y.

Ohmygosh warmed up and served with coconut ice cream, this pie is just heavenly. But it's also delicious all by itself!

In case pecan pie isn't your thing (how can it not be?? Seriously) Katie of Carrot Top Bakery has a lot of other healthy treats to over! The list includes Carrot Cake Energy Bites, Apple Pie Babies, and a variety of muffins and breads to fit different dietary needs.

In addition to the pie, I tried the Chocolate Cashew Almond Raw Energy Bars.

They're raw, vegan, individually wrapped for convenience, and absolutely delicious!

They're very chocolatey and nutty with a little date-y-ness and the perfect combination of sweet, rich, and nutritious. They're like a yummier, artisan version of a Larabar!

Since they're fresh and preservative-free, store them in the fridge and eat within a month of purchasing.

But they'll hold up just fine in a backpack or handbag (uncooled) for a day!

What is your favorite fall dessert?

How far in advance do you start planning Thanksgiving festivities? 

Do you generally have big Thanksgiving dinners with lots of family and friends, or small dinners with just immediate family?


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