Oct 5, 2014

How To Go From So-So To Sexy in Six Simple Steps

Like that alliteration? I'm so witty, I know - hold the applause, your appreciative silence is enough.

We all feel off sometimes, but if you're an actress or model and you have a job or a casting to go to, you have to make sure that it doesn't show. 

Especially for acting, a lot of emotion is in the eyes. To be convincing, you really need to feel what you're projecting. So how do you feel and project sexy superstar if you have an It Girl-type audition and you're just not feeling it?
Even if you're not in the entertainment industry, how do you rock confidence for a date or a meeting or just your own supercool self if so far it's been a very sweatpants and faceplanting in puddles kind of day?

1) Dress for the part. Note that there's a distinct difference between dressing for the part and simply dressing the part. I'm not saying that you need to go full Christina Aguilera Dirrty.

Really, please don't - someone will probably offer you $5 if you try to hail a cab on a corner. 

In fact, I will probably offer you $5, but only so you can buy a white Hanes and get some clothes on. My goodness, there are children out!

Instead, dressing for the part means wearing whatever you need to wear to feel beautiful. 

For most people, wearing sweats and a stained tee isn't going to make you feel super irresistible. But maybe your favorite heels will, or those earrings you bought with part of your first grown-up paycheck, or even some gorgeous lingerie. 

It doesn't have to be something that other people can see, you're the only one that needs to know it's there to feel the effect!

2) Change the channel. If you're listening to Timbaland's Apologize or Daniel Powter's Bad Day, change to something more along the lines of David Guetta's Who's That Chick or Florence + The Machine's Shake It Out. Or whatever does it for you!

Music can be really powerful, especially for quick mood turnarounds! Make that work for you.

I keep a good collection with different styles/moods of music on my phone for when I'm out and need to quickly prep for an audition or casting. Or sometimes just for me!

3) Smile. I'll save the biology major nerd out, but basically the physical act of smiling releases chemicals in your brain that elevate your mood, even if you're not feeling it when you start. There's some truth to 'fake it 'till you make it'!

4) Keep a quick list of three things that make you happy. It's probably best to keep these topical, so you might want to change out the list every week or every few weeks. 

You can keep it on your phone or on a piece of paper in your wallet, but just jot down three quick things that thinking about will lift your mood. This one will vary person-by-person and over time, as well, but maybe you're happy because you got a new kitten - 

Not mine, but don't I wish?

- your boss called you out for doing a great job on a project, you volunteered that weekend, or your laundry is already done. It doesn't matter, as long as remembering it will cheer you up!

5) Do a jig. Preferably not in public, so you don't just end up feeling awkward, but even a restroom stall works. 

You don't need a long dance session or the entire Beyonce Single Ladies choreo to make it work, just a quick shimmy can lift your spirits and bring up your energy! Vivacity is appealing, as much as Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart might disagree.

6) Think about something you love about yourself. It can be as deep as your unique heritage or as shallow as your complexion. No judgment! 

How do you fight the blahs?

What's your go-to trick for your turning an ick mood around?

Who's your diva-spiration? That's clearly a thing and a term. Who inspires you to up the diva factor?

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