Oct 9, 2014

#TasteSilkAlmond - For Free!

Do you know what one of the main reasons people who 'dislike' healthy foods don't like the aforementioned healthy foods?

It sounds weird. 

Wait a minute - 'sounds' weird? As in, you don't know what it tastes like?

Well, no...

Sometimes the biggest hurdle really is just giving something a try! Whether it's taking the first bite of an acai bowl (oh. my. goodness.) or taking the first sip of kombucha (you either love it or you hate it) it's ridiculous to say you don't like something that you've never tried.

In my house, we drink a lot of milk and soy milk. We don't drink a lot of almond milk, however. I am a big fan of almond milk, even more so than soy milk or dairy milk, so I convinced little C to give almond milk a try.

We bought a carton of Silk vanilla almond milk and she was a little skeptical about it, but ended up being a really good sport and giving it a genuine try.

C is lucky to be an all-around healthy girl, with no allergies or intolerances that we know of, but a lot of kids aren't. 

Some kids have soy allergies (there goes the soy milk) and some have lactose intolerance (especially among ethnic kids - my own mild lactose intolerance is testament to that!), so there goes the dairy milk. Just because there are intolerances doesn't mean that their nutritional requirements are at all reduced.

That's why soy-free, dairy-free almond milk is a great option for meeting those calcium and protein needs in a healthy way!

But would the 'strange' new drink pass the kid taste test?

It did! 

C made this face after trying the almond milk:

Her immediate reaction was "this is good!"

Yes, yes, that something her kale-pushing big sister recommends could be delicious is clearly surprising. Moving on...

C enjoyed the almond milk and asked if we can have it more often. She said it was just the right amount of sweetness and that it didn't taste weird at all.

Our mom, a huge soy milk fan (but loather of rice milk) really liked it, too. She enjoyed the flavor a lot and loved how "silky smooth" it is. Fitting, since it's Silk Almond Milk! She also really enjoyed how refreshing it was, compared to dairy milk.

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Have you tried Silk vanilla almond milk yet?

What's your favorite milk (dairy or non-dairy counts)?

What new thing have you tried recently?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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