Nov 30, 2014

A Healthier Alternative to Childhood Cookie Favorites!

Growing up, I loved Fig Newtons - loved. I also was a huge fan of Nutrigrain bars. While either of those is fine as a now and then treat, they aren't really a daily indulgence. Both are full of refined flour of and overly processed ingredients.

I was delighted to discover a snack that was every bit as delicious as the fig and jam-filled bars of my childhood, but whole grain, all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher.

Not only do Nature's Bakery Fig Bars have all those health benefits over the fig bars I grew up eating, but they also come in a much wider assortment of flavors than their less-healthy counterparts!

There are the traditional fig bars, of course, which are sweet and delicious. I wouldn't change a thing!

But there are all sorts of other great flavors, like blueberry and strawberry. These two really put the Nutrigrain versions to shame!

Some of the more exotic flavors include Mango and Lemon.

I wouldn't have guessed that fig bars would come in those flavors, but they're delicious! Of the two, I especially strongly recommend the mango.

But you really can't go wrong with any of the bars! The filling to cookie ratio is perfect, they're perfectly sweet, they're flavorful and fresh (there wasn't a single dry or stale one among all of them), and they perfectly exemplify my ideal of healthy and delicious!

My single complaint is that the bars come in twin packs but the serving size is listed as only one bar. Pop-tarts are guilty of this, too, and my general opinion is that they should either wrap them individually or make the serving size two bars, instead of one.

Especially in this case, where the bars are small and a single bar wouldn't be an adequate snack, but two are, I think it's a cop-out to 'prettify' nutrition stats.

But overall, the bars are awesome! Yum!

Have you tried the Nature's Bakery Fig Bars?

What was your favorite packaged snack as a kid?

Which flavor of fig bar sounds best to you?


  1. These bars are delicious and healthy, it's true. But as you note, the serving size is one bar. It is important to note that each individual bar has twice as many calories as an individual fig newton, or other standard (processed) fig bars which have 55. If you eat the package you are getting 220 cals. Just saying.


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