Nov 18, 2014

Chocolate For A Cure

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could stuff your stocking with something that's crazy delicious, good for you, and does good for the world?

Helloooooo, Jojo's Chocolate Hope. It's stevia-sweetened sugar-free dark chocolate that comes in three amazing varieties and 15% of the company's profits go to finding a cure for cancer!

I love that they're actually high cacao dark chocolate, because so much dark chocolate is only 45% or 50% cacao.

These have 75-79% cacao, which is really quite high! The Smooth Criminal (I didn't try it, but it's their plain dark chocolate) even has 81% cacao.

Not only is higher cacao dark chocolate healthier (whoo, antioxidants!) but it's also just so much more chocolate-y!

You can definitely tell which bar is which, because their particular flavors are expressed clearly and well, but the dominant 'red thread' tying them all together is really rich, really intense, really high quality dark chocolate.

Made of just a few simple ingredients!

Each bar is over 2oz of chocolate, so there's a convenient sticker on the back to reseal the bar and save a little for later. 

That way you can enjoy the chocolate twice, without worrying about it drying out in the interim!

The Mocha Munch is probably my favorite.

Sultry coffee and indulgent dark chocolate are just a match made in heaven!

The Currant Crush is really quite unique (in a delicious way, not a 'oh, that's...unique' way) so it's a great choice for your epicurean Secret Santa.

I can't be the only one who's already planning for Christmas, right? At least the department stores definitely are!

The Raspberry Spice was also really great - sweet, fruity, but not with such a strong berry flavor as to overwhelm the delightful chocolate flavor.

All of them were a total delight and knowing that 15% of proceeds are going to cancer research is the (awesome) icing on top!

Do you like darker dark chocolate or lighter dark chocolate?

What's your cause of choice?

When do you start planning for the holidays and really getting in the holiday spirit?

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