Nov 14, 2014

Community Building with BAND

I'm a recent graduate, a blogger, a petite model, an actress, an author, a ghostwriter, and a freelance writer - that's a lot of hats to wear! And with each thing I do comes a big group of related people.

So, here's my dirty secret - I suck at names. Like:

Me: "Hi! I'm Danai!"
Her: "Hi I'm Lucy!"
>two more polite sentence exchanges<
Me: Oh darn, what's her name again? Suzy?

Having a way of keeping track of all the people I know, and keeping track of how I know them, can really help avoid some awkward situations. Especially during the very social holiday season!

More than just helping you organize people in your memory, BAND helps you organize groups - whether it's your Greek organization, childhood Girl Scout troop, work friends, roommates, etc. - for information sharing.

Because everyone needs to see that selfie. #duckface

When I first heard of it, I didn't really get why I would want to use the app when I could just facebook message the people. After trying it out, though I realized that there are several benefits to this (free) app for communication.

First, if you post to an active Facebook group your post is likely to disappear in the feed within minutes. With BAND, you're sure that everyone gets your photo or message or poll or whatever it is, not just those who are on when you're on.

Second, you don't have to go through and add each individual everytime you want to send a message to the group, like you do in email, or worry about messages bouncing back. Full inboxes are the bane of my existence. BAND makes that a problem of the past!

Third, it's a one stop organizer for life. You can share group calendars, polls, messages, files, albums, and general thoughts on a BAND board. I like not having to juggle a million apps, so I think consolidating everything you need for group management in one place is great.

I have made a BAND for my blogger community this far (feel free to join me!) but am definitely going to use it for other groups. The convenience it provides is reason enough to download the free app and join the over 35 million users already using BAND to streamline their social networks!

Do you use BAND?

How many primary social networks do you have?

What's your best way to stay organized socially?

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