Nov 9, 2014

Fall Reset with JuiceRx

I love fall and winter and all the wonderful things that come with the seasons - the return of layering, the magical appearance of heavenly scented candles all over my home, CHRISTMAS, snow, and a wonderful abundance of apples and kabocha.

Like with most things in life, however, there's a trade off with the shifting seasons. A lot of people find themselves feeling a little out of sorts when the weather shifts for the winter. 

While a lot of that is due to difficult-to-avoid biological things (like vitamin D deficiency from reduced exposure to high quality direct sunlight) I think part of it could be due to the seasonal dietary shift.

In summer, we're eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables day in and day out. In winter, they're less readily available. But our bodies just feel better when they're well nourished and how we feel physically definitely affects our moods! 

Enjoy every beautiful day and feel your best by making a conscious effort to continue to find healthy foods that taste great and make you feel great! I like JuiceRx juices and the yummy raw vegan meals from their new FoodRx venture!

The gingerade is spicy and refreshing, a perfect alternative to ginger ale. Because of the fun lemon twist, it doesn't get boringly sweet after a sip or two, like ginger ale can. It's also great if your stomach feels a little off, because ginger is soothing and helps with nausea. Perfect for flu season!

Pumpkin lovers are also covered. The pumpkin Spice a Milk is a rich, creamy drink that's substantial enough for a meal or a hearty snack and is as decadent as pumpkin pie, but much more energizing. 

The dates make it sweet, the carrots and pumpkin make it pretty, the spices make it festive, and the pumpkin seeds make it filling, rich, and great for your skin and hair! Once the heating comes on in the winter, it can really dry out your skin. Taking extra care to keep your skin beautiful from the inside out is so much more effective and lasting than buying lots of expensive creams and lotions.

People always comment on my skin, but I don't use any sort of washes or potions or scrubs - just a standard daily moisturizer when I remember it. Sure, it's definitely partly genetic. But I also think it probably doesn't hurt that I love healthy foods that are great for my skin! Nuts, guys, go for the nuts.

For the green juice lovers (to the ranks of which I definitely count) there are several great green juices. 

They're all fairly mild and have a great fruit: vegetable ratio for sweetness. Of the three that I tried, the Green Glow was my favorite!

On to the food.

Love chili in the winter? Their raw vegan chili is so delicious that you won't care in the least that it's not hot. It's filled with almonds, making it hearty and satisfying, as well as great spices and veggies! 

I'm generally not a huge sour cream fan, but I actually enjoyed the raw vegan sour cream that came with this dish. 

Unfortunately the packaging could use some adjustments for shipping (as you can see, it spilled a bit during shipping and made a mess), but the sauce itself was great. It's not thick like a dairy sour cream (definitely more of a sauce) but still creamy.

The Angel Hair With Hemp Seed Pasta dish was delicious and one of the best dishes I've ever had with kelp noodles. Yum!

Never forgo dessert! The great think about FoodRx chocolate mousse is that you don't have to worry about saving space for it after your meal. 

It's healthy enough that you can incorporate it into your meal! And you can even have it for breakfast.

In fact, I recommend eating it off breakfast. I used it to make a delicious layered parfait with crunchy edamame, granola, apples, and blueberries. 


From now until November 20, 2014 you can also get 10% off any order with the coupon code LLE10! Head into the holidays feeling healthier than ever with JuiceRx!

Do you notice any mood changes with the seasons?

Have you tried any raw vegan cuisine? What's you're favorite dish?

What's your favorite dessert for breakfast option?

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