Nov 13, 2014

Hairfinity for Healthier Hair From the Inside Out

Winter is peak hair stress season.

Since it's the holidays and you're having parties regularly and reconnecting with old acquaintances right and left, you want to have great hair for all the photographs you'll be in!

But all that indoor heating, paired with harsh winter weather, can mean that your holiday season is an uninterrupted steak of bad hair days! EEEEK.

Don't let it happen to you. Aside from using the right products, you can really improve your hair health and appearance by making it healthy from the inside out!

Since using Hairfinity, a blend of vitamins specifically tailored to optimizing hair health, my hair has been shinier, softer, and overall much better behaved.


I've just been taking two vitamins a day (except when I forget which, let's be honest, happens) and noticed a difference within weeks!

I love it and I'm loving having naturally beautiful locks in time for the holiday. It's time to go nuts with the #selfie fun!

Not a selfie, but it's me with my natural hair (from a recent photoshoot!)
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If you want to see other people's Hairfinity results, they have a huge gallery online of hundreds of customer submitted before and afters like this one!

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