Nov 6, 2014

#rogainevolume - A Recap of Last Night with Rogaine & Duane Reade in NYC

I was asked to participate in the #rogainevolume, sponsored by Woman’s ROGAINE. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Don't we all want soft, shinier, thicker, healthier hair? Don't we all want it to be easy and affordable to achieve?

Don't you wish job interview questions were this easy?

Clearly, it's yes to all of the above. After years of development, Rogaine has released a revolutionary Women's Rogaine Foam that you can buy at Duane Reade and use daily!

I headed uptown to Salon Ziba to learn about the new product!

You don't need to have two hairs on your head or a big bald spot to benefit from the cream. It really is for every woman - many women suffer from thinning hair as they age and even those who don't wouldn't complain about naturally thicker hair.

Just askTexas. 

Or me! 

As a curly girl who occasionally goes straight, I'm always surprised by how much volume I lose when I straighten my hair. I want straight hair, not flat hair!

Women's Rogaine Foam is a beauty solution that makes that possible for all of us. It's lasting beautiful hair that, unlike hair that's artificially puffed up by excessive hairspray, doesn't deflate after a few hours or a surprise rain shower.

Prepare to look your best this holiday season with Women's Rogaine Foam from Duane Reade!

Stay posted for a $25 gift card giveaway (posted soon!) to get you set on the right track!

What are your biggest hair concerns?

When does the holiday season start for you?

How many holiday parties do you attend each holiday season?

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