Nov 24, 2014

SquareBars Review

I love protein bars - they're convenient, often tasty (I have a total weakness for chocolate flavored ones), and provide muscle-fueling vegetarian protein!

For vegans, howver, there are far fewer good protein bar options. Most bars use whey protein, have milk in their chocolate coating, or both. 

Luckily for vegans, there's a new all vegan protein bar that's been blowing up in popularity lately.

The icing on the cake (coating on the protein bar?) is that part of the profits from the purchase of Squarebars goes to a good cause!

2.5% of net sales of Squarebars go towards fighting human trafficking! Whoo!

And the bars come in three chocolatey flavors - Squarebars knows that chocolate is what we want, so chocolate is what we get. There's the classic Cocoa Crunch for purists.

Cocoa Almond for chocolate nut lovers.

...that would be me.

Last, but not least, there's Cocoa Coconut for Mounds candy bar fans who want the same taste with better nutrition. 

The bars all have similar ingredients and nutritional stats. At a bit over 200 calories and 11g of protein each, they're a great snack to help get plant-based protein in.

And they're delicious. That's huge, because who would eat them if they weren't?

They're more like a chocolate/candy bar than a protein bar in taste and texture, but definitely more like a protein bar in nutrition.

I recommend them!

Have you tried Squarebars? If so, what's your favorite flavor?

What is your favorite plant-based firm of protein?

How often do you eat protein bars?

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