Dec 13, 2014

Best Wrapping Papers of 2014

Who else is BEYOND STOKED that it's December?

I am! I have been ready for the holiday season since the beginning of August, so unreal and awesome that it's finally here! After a rocky start to the month, everything is awesome.


Or close enough to everything. Life may never perfect, but Christmastime is close enough!

I love basically everything about Christmas - the smells, the sights, the sounds, the spirit, the baking, etc.But one of my favorite things is definitely finding great gifts for everyone that I love. And wrapping them!

I'm the cat.
It just makes me so happy.

For those who don't love spending hours hunting down fun wrapping paper (what could be better?) here is a short list of some that I recommend!

For the font-obsessed:

I just really like the font of all the Ho's.

If you want to have fun at your drunk friend's expense:

This one makes even my head swim and I'm stone-cold sober!

For the Magpies in your life:

Fun Snowflakes Holographic Roll Wrap

I grew up believe that I'm half German and half Zimbabwean, but I'm convinced there must be some magpie in there also. Is it glittery, sparkly, or shiny? I want it!

This holographic wrapping paper makes gift giving even more fun!

For those who just love the pretty things:

Classic Ornaments Flourish Roll Wrap

It's just fun to look at, because the art is beautiful and oh so nostalgic.

For the fun-loving penguin:

I might just like this one because my house's mascot at Harvard was a penguin. Still, penguins are awesome!

The best part is that you can find all of these at common shops (or online, by following the links I placed above), so it's not a big ordeal to pick them up. Still, I wouldn't leave all of your gift wrapping until Christmas Eve like someone I know...

Have you started your Christmas gift shopping?

Which wrapping paper is your favorite?

Do you wrap gifts or use gift bags/boxes more often?

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