Dec 12, 2014

Diabetic-Friendly Stocking Stuffer!

My little sister's good friend is one of the most active, bubbly, sweet little girls you'll ever meet. And at the age of ten, she has type one diabetes. Luckily for her, the candy world of today doesn't have to be as sugar-packed as Wonka's! 

There are so many options out there for people with all different kind of diets and now there are even some really great tasting chocolate options that are entirely free of sugar!

Peg Art Creations Sugar-Free Bark is one such excellent stocking stuffer option!

They're a small Etsy business and each batch is made fresh to order, so you can choose what you want in your bark and what kind of chocolate. I chose the dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds!

The delivery was quick, the packaging was cute, and the size of a packet is great for a stocking stuffer. 

But best of all, it's delicious! The chocolate is really creamy and there's no weird artificial sweetener aftertaste, like you find in some sugar-free products. 

The chocolates are hand-crafted, so it's also more special than just the usual packaged candy bars that often end up in stockings. They're made in Jamaica, New York, so New York Locals can take advantage of the NYLOCAL coupon code to make arrangements to pick up their order themselves and save on shipping! 

If chocolate bark isn't your thing, or you want to mix it up, Peg Art Creations also accommodates requests to make their other yummy treats - like their Granola Chocolate Bar - sugar-free too. Nice!

How often do you order from Etsy?

Do you like trying new things?

Do you, or does someone you live with, have any dietary restrictions?

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