Dec 15, 2014

Life Kitchen Presents Healthy, Artisan Granola!

I love, love, love, love granola! It's perfect on everything and with everything!

Well, maybe not sauerkraut...

But yogurt and granola? It's a beautiful (food) love story. 

Unfortunately, granola can be a poorly disguised bag of crumbled oatmeal cookies and eating that for breakfast is unlikely to provide a busy girl (or really, anyone) with the long lasting energy we want and need to accomplish everything that we want to!

Funny disappointed kid

Here is a new granola that I've discovered that lives up to the nutritional potential of granola and kept me energized through the longest trunk show  of horrors.

It's whole grain and from an artisan granola maker, Life Kitchen, in Hungary, but available for shipping thought the world via Etsy


I'm not quite sure what it is about continental Europe that makes all their grain (and dairy) products there amazing, but somehow they're just always the best. Have you had German bread? It wins at life.

This granola didn't disappoint! Hearty, nutty, and filling, both varieties that I tried (Suncherry Granola and Apricot granola) were the epitome of what a good breakfast cereal should be - really delicious, wonderfully wholesome, energizing, and the sort of good, whole food that makes your stomach feel great all day!

The fruit flavors didn't dominate the granola and it was just the right touch of lightly sweet, so you can feel free to add whatever additional sweet and flavorful toppings that you want- dried fruits, fresh fruits, honey, etc.!

What's your favorite cereal?

What's your go-to breakfast?

Do you have a favorite granola?

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