Dec 7, 2014

*New* Detour Smart Bar Flavor Review - Chocolate Peanut Butter

(Wo)man can't live on Christmas cookies and candy canes alone! There's no need to try, it would be an existence filled with stomachaches and lagging energy.

Luckily, there's no need! Though most fruits and vegetables are (sadly) no longer in season, there are still frozen options and (though this is less environmentally friendly) fresh produce that's flown in from warmer parts of the globe.

There are also lots of yummy snack foods to keep on hand to fuel holiday gift shopping, holiday party throwing (and party hopping!), and general seasonal shenanigans.

Can there pretty please be unreasonable amounts of blizzards in NYC and (this one's really unlikely) Greensboro, NC this December? Just pack in all the precipitation of the year in frozen form and in this month and I'll be pleased.

It needs to be tall enough for me to hide behind, build fortresses in, and sneak attack innocent passerby (read: my poor family and friends) with snowballs. That's all!

Anyway, there are many healthy snack options to fuel all that fun. I recently tried a new one!

Remember when I reviewed Detour Smart bars when they first came on the market? They're Detour's gluten-free, all-natural protein bar option and previously were available in three flavors - apple cinnamonblueberry, and cranberry flax.

There's a new fourth flavor in time to make your holidays a little healthier (and more delicious) - Chocolate Peanut Butter Smart Bars!

Like the other Detour Smart Bars, they're gluten-free and made with whole grain oatmeal.

They're also wonderfully low in sugar, so they won't add to your eventual chocolate and cookies sugar crash! That's what I call balance.

When you hear how low in sugar they are (only 4 grams, the equivalent of one teaspoon, in a whole bar) you might be skeptical. After all, there's more sugar than that a cup of unsweetened plain yogurt!

There's no reason to be skeptical. The bars are sweetened naturally with stevia, which won't affect your blood sugar levels, but is also a natural plant extract and not a cancer-causing chemical or, like aspartame, known to induce migraines (ick). Stevia is pretty solid!

These bars are solid, too. They're definitely better for handling a peanut butter than a chocolate craving, as that's the main flavor in the bar (I would probably rename them Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, as I feel that's more accurate, if I were running things).

There are mini chocolate chips throughout the bar, but the base is definitely peanut butter. It's delicious, satisfying, sweet enough (but not cloyingly so), healthy, packed with 11g of vegetarian protein to sustain your energy levels until your next meal, and drizzled with Greek Yogurt icing for (a) prettiness and (b) a more treat-like experience.

I give them a thumbs up! They're definitely worth having on hand while you rush around this month.

What are your favorite on-the-go snacks during the holidays?

What's your favorite holiday treat?

Do you have a gift shopping strategy?


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