Dec 5, 2014

Welcome to the Caffeinated Club!

The holiday season, specifically all of December, is my favorite favorite favorite time of year! It can also be a really busy time of year, however.

If you're in college, the end of the semester - right before Christmas break - is usually when you're pulling all nighters and near-all nighters cramming for exams and finishing final projects and term papers. I'm not suggesting that you cram it all into death week and miss the recommended amount of time, but let's be real. It happens.

Even if you're done with school, like me, work can often really pick up right before the holidays and busier, longer workdays, paired with an increasingly busy social calendar, can really make you need a little extra energy!

But is the only option for non-coffee drinkers an unhealthy soda fix?

I recently got to try some drinks from Caffeinated Club, a brand of unsweetened club soda with the same amount of caffeine in each 12oz bottle as in a can of coca cola. But without the sugar, artificial sweeteners, or calories of sodas or diet sodas!

It is a great alternative to soda for a caffeine kick and tastes great chilled on its own. It comes in four flavors - Raspberry, Orange Grapefruit, Lemon, and Clear. My favorite is Raspberry! Clear is plain club soda (but with a caffeine kick!) but the three fruity flavors are unsweetened club soda with a hint of fruit flavor.

I'm going to emphasize this again - they are flavored with fruit, but not sweet. For a lot of people, that's a plus. If you want your drink sweet, however, they make a great mixer with juice for a more powerful pickup than the juice alone would provide. And they make your juice bubbly!

While I tend to drink a lot of tea and try to get around seven hours of sleep a night, when I can (and not get too many nights in a row of under five), I know some friends for whom this would be a lifesaver. Even for me, I'm sure it will come in handy!

^Their photo, that is clearly not my hand.
I have a jam packed day tomorrow - scheduled from 6am to 11pm straight through with work (thank goodness, I need the distraction) and then a holiday party that I'll go to straight from work (I'm packing a slinky dress and heels in my backpack, along with some red lipstick and a mascara wand - I know how to do this busy schedule thing) and that I'll probably stay at until 2am. Then Sunday it's back at it with a shoot at noon!

Believe me, I'm packing one of these to take with me tomorrow.

Another fun Caffeinated Club fact? If you order online, shipping is absolutely free anywhere in the Continental USA!

What are you up to this weekend?

Have you tried Caffeinated Club?

What's your go-to for an energy kick?


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