Jan 3, 2015

Luna Bars for a Healthy New Year!

A surprisingly small percentage of the popular protein and snack bars out there are vegan. Luckily for all the vegans of the world, or even those who are just trying to be a bit more plant based, Luna Bar is so awesome that you don't need anyone else!

I recently had the pleasure of trying their full line of bars and protein bars, specially formulated by women for women and all vegan! 

Luna Bars have long been some of my favorite bars. They're the perfect size for a snack, filling, sweet enough that you really look forward to eating them but not so sweet that you go into a sugar coma after eating them, and come in a variety of great flavors!

You can find in-depth reviews, inclusive of photos, of their various flavors here, but today I am focusing on how including Luna Bars in your daily routine can help you keep your resolutions for a healthy New Year!

1) Reach for a Luna Protein Bar to beat the mid-afternoon slump cravings.

You know that feeling when it's around 3pm in the afternoon, you have a pile of all the boring work you've been putting off during the day (in favor of the fun work) staring at you, and lunch is but a distant memory? The boredom, paired with the energy dip, is a huge culprit for sneaky cravings.

Nip those in the bud with a Luna Protein Bar, which will give you the sweet, luscious chocolatey-ness that you crave, but without the sugar crash that will turn you into a human hoover come dinner time. The protein will keep you satisfied, helping you make smart choices at dinner, and the nutrients and energy will give you that second wind you need to make it through the rest of the workday!

2) Snack on a Luna Bar to cover your nutritional bases!

One of the many great things about these bars is that they are really balanced nutritionally, with a great combination of healthy fats, whole carbs, and plant protein.

Further, there are a lot of additional vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy! Especially if you're vegan, getting enough vitamin B12 can be tough. If you're vegetarian, you're usually covered as long as you eat enough dairy. But vegans who eat a Luna Bar a day get 80% of their vitamin B12 right there!

3) Grab a Luna Bar an hour or two before a workout for an energy boost that won't weigh you down.

It's hard to beast a workout if you're out of energy! On the other hand, eating too much can leave you cramping or nauseated.

A Luna Bar is just energizing enough to power you through, but light enough to keep you from feeling too full during your sweat session!

What were your New Year's Resolutions?

How do you stick to your New Year's Resolutions?

What are your favorite go-to snacks?

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