Jan 26, 2015

My Style: All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go

It has been a busy, but delightfully so, January. When you're really busy, there are often days when you need a multipurpose outfit.

Layers and versatility are key! I like to layer a blazer over a nice dress for the business part of the day.

I prefer a more structured blazer to a loose cardigan for a more professional look. 

If you have a dress-up event next, change out of formal flats into a nice pair of glam heels!

These, last year's Christmas present from my big sister, are incredibly comfortable! 

I know, I know, they're crazy high - how could they possibly be comfortable? But believe me, they're way more comfortable than a lot of my lower heels.

I think the trick to find a good pair of heels is looking for a pair that have a platform element (so it's not totally flat at the front).

And always try on heels when you buy them! Some look deceptively harmless, but the moment you put them on they turn into medieval torture devices designed to leech your soul through your feet.

No, I'm not a touch dramatic.

For night events, like drinks with friends or a dinner date, lose the blazer and keep the heels.

Though hopefully your dinner date's conversation doesn't make you make that face!

Photos by Delon Lawrence
Makeup by YeJin Han

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What are your favorite ways to take a look from day to night?

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