Jan 23, 2015

Tali-O Bites Review

Dates can be a lot of things. They can be fun or awkward, good or bad, exciting or duller than a dollar store can opener. But you know what dates you can always count on?

The sticky kind, especially with nuts.

Bahahahahahaha I know, I'm so funny (why isn't anyone laughing?). Moving on...

As a self-proclaimed date-lover, I was excited to try Tali-O Bites! They're date and nut bites (also available in bar form for those who don't find all miniature finger food snacks adorable) and they are vegan, certified paleo, all natural, and made exclusive of whole foods with names you can pronounce!

I know - what a revolutionary concept.

Tali-O Bites comes in five flavors (Taste the Tahini, Double the Coconut, A Hint of Almond, Almond Coco Nib, and Powerfully Peanut) all of which are gluten-free, grain-free, and soy-free with no added sugar and no animal products.

Small Bag of Bites Variety Pack

I tried three of them (Double the Coconut, Powerfully Peanut, and A Hint of Almond) and found all three enjoyable, but Powerfully Peanut downright delicious!

Whoever discovered that dried fruits and peanuts are taste-bud nirvana (aka: probably the inventor of trail mix) would be such a rich foodie if only (s)he could have patented the combination.

I love how convenient the packs are for on-the-go snacking! The bites are easy to eat, yummy, and deliver quick plant-based energy to accomplish everything on our packed to-do lists.

On that note - has anyone else started stapling days and days of to-do lists together and trying to cram them into the weekend? Is that a bad sign?

How do you stay organized?

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