Jan 11, 2015

The 4 Best Things About Breaking Up

Breakups suck, I know.

But like every sucky thing, there's a silver lining. Here's a short list of four of the best things about breaking up!

1) No one expects you to go out and do anything the days immediately following your breakup, so you can take that weekend off from the world and do a whole lot of this:

giphy (1)

Because friends are great, but jamming to Taylor Swift in a bubble bath is pure joy.

2) You get to watch tons of chick flicks and/or Disney movies from the comfy warmth of your bed, instead of having to dress up and venture out into the cold for a date night.

This one is especially great if you have a winter breakup.

15 Good Things About Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend

It's cold out!

3) Perfect excuse for a new look!

15 Good Things About Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend

Though maybe stay away from the super permanent things, like body art, until you're a few months out from your breakup and totally rational again. I prefer to just mix it up in less permanent ways, like wardrobe or hair changes!

Not buzzing it all off, though (see that thing about avoiding the fairly permanent stuff).

4) You'll have more time to build and maintain your friendships!


Relationships take a lot of time and, as hard as you try to not be the girl who disappears when she has a boyfriend, it's hard to balance work demands and time with your boyfriend without falling off of the map socially.

What's your favorite thing about breaking up?


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