Jan 20, 2015

What Dating in NYC is Like

Being a twenty-something single girl in NYC sounds so exciting. And it is!


But then you let your well-meaning, meddling friends and family convince you to 'get out there' (but it's so warm and cozy in here). A whole lot of the following ensues.

You go on a date with someone who randomly asks you out in real life and it goes really well.

liz lemon man

If you know what's good for you, you'll stop there.
But who are we kidding? Let's continue.

If that's what luck gives me, a setup from my friends will be even better! Right? Riiight?

When you agree to a setup and one of the guys your friend suggests is the antithesis of what you like - 

27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class

When he calls and asks for a Saturday date.

Take a seat. You get Tuesday night.

When he goes in for a hug at the start of the date, but overstays his welcome.


But let's be real, that's more of a pained look than a smile to start with. 

Why are you touching me, stranger? Off.

When he spends all of appetizers reciting his resume. 

Then the main course comes and the conversation still has you like - 

eye roll animated GIF

When you're ready to bail, but he wants to stretch it to dessert.


When they go on and on about how great the date was on the whole walk home. 

27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class

If he's realllly overestimating how well the date went, there's this awkward moment on the front steps where he's like - 


...yeah, I'm going to go get in my jammies and Skype my bestie kthxbyeeeeeeeeee. 

And then your girls call and ask if you're going to take the second date.


Depends on how fun this after-date recap is, because we all know that's the real reason we took the date in the first place.

Rinse, lather and repeat.

But wisen up and stop going on dinner dates sheesh. I'm an all tea for the first date kind of girl. 

What is your favorite thing about dating?

How many people do you date at a time?
I mean casual dating, of course, anything beyond that should probably be a one guy thing for most.


  1. I thought this was hilarious! I've always asked how New Yorkers find dates when they always seem to be in motion. Happy to know it still works the same as any other town, except... maybe faster? (not like that haha) Great post! You're hilarious. "why are you touching me stranger. off" Literally me every time someone goes in for a hug (except my boyfriend, he can stay) Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Ana! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) And that I'm not the only one who doesn't love being smushed against a stranger's body!

  2. This was hilarious to read! Yeah, I would go for a more casual, laid back first date. Tea sounds really good. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I've been trying to work those booties into my wardrobe more, they're just so tall. :D They really only look good with skirts.

    1. They really do! I need to find a good pair of booties soon, but I'm so picky! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

  3. Hahaha this is hilarious. I'm sorry the date didn't go so well, but you got a good blog post out of it ;)

    1. No worries, I don't think I'm ready for someone new yet anyway. So just stories is all good!


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