Feb 4, 2015

10 Facts about New York City in the Winter

I love winter.

Still, there's a point during the last few weeks of January and the first few weeks of February, somewhere around the third time you develop haircicles after an improper blow-dry, when the arctic chill isn't so cute anymore.

Here a 10 cold facts about New York City in the winter (though many apply to winter in cities in general, surely).

1. The wind makes the weirdest noises and it's always when you're home alone with the lights out.

2. Even brunch with the girls isn't tempting enough to leave bed for when it's -15 degrees out with a chill factor of ohgodno

3. Dressing up in a pretty dress and heels for a Friday night out is extra treacherous with black ice.

4. There will still be friends (the ones who have industrial-grade anti-freeze running through their veins) who want to take after dark strolls through the park.

prince animated GIF

5. If you go home, your parents probably won't understand that you have no experience shoveling steps/driveways and don't know your way around a shovel.

confused animated GIF

6. There's way too much heating on everywhere and it will fry your fabulous hair.

7. Checking the weather before you go out is always a shock, when it's near 80F inside.

beyonce animated GIF

8. Snow is awesome, but sometimes you actually have to go out in it.

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9. It's too cold to find the subway when you do go out and be social some night, but Uber always has surge pricing then and it's like $99829039720 to go thirteen blocks.

10. Dealing with slow moving tourists in Times Square is doubly painful when it's cold out.


Stay warm.

How many layers are you wearing right now?

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