Feb 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Awesome

There are a lot of reasons why being in a relationship is great, but there are also a ton of reasons why being single is awesome!

Here are five to start.

1) Movie night is always what you want to watch night.

Captain America?

                             meme do not want
HA. I'll have Tangled, please, and who cares that I'm not seven or under four feet tall?

2) You don't need any consistency.

There's no such thing as too much and you can flip between styles as often as you like.

Feel like draping yourself in your best finery and breakfasting at Tiffany's Bergdorf's like you're Audrey Hepburn? Cool.

Gamine goddess
Feel like switching into jeans cut-offs and a half-shirt to dance around your apartment a la Dirty Dancing? That's cool, too.

3) There's no need for compromise.

You went to your favorite crunchy-granola vegan food place for lunch, so I guess that means that it's Mexican food for dinner.

GIF Jennifer Lawrence skeptical Thats Funny yeah right GIF

Have all the yummy massaged kale and fruity green smoothies you want, whenever you want.

 yAY!!!  Happy Weasel Seal

Your twenties are your selfish years and what's on the menu is exactly whatever you want.

4) You meet a lot of new people.

Whether it's the guy you smiled at in the elevator (because hey, you're single!), the random old acquaintances who start messaging you out of the blue now that your status has changed (thanks, Facebook?), or a setup you agreed to, suddenly your social calendar is overflowing with new people!

nice to meet you i already forgot your name
When they're all boys, they all have boy names - that certainly doesn't help.
That's a good thing, I promise.

5) SOOO much more free time.

A boyfriend is like a hobby - you don't realize how much time it takes up until you quit!

Happy relationships are wonderful, of course, but there's no point in ever going for a filler relationship. Why would you want to settle, or even actively seek, something that makes you not-single? Single is awesome!

What's your favorite thing about being single?

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