Feb 7, 2015

Going through a breakup over the holidays (in memes)

Breaking up sucks.

Breaking up over the holidays (for me it was the Turkey dump, but the spirit counts) sucks a lot.

If you're going through what I went through earlier now, here's a meme breakdown of how to expect the stages of the breakup to go for you!

First, you're a little shocked and go about your days like:


It's the holidays and everyone is happy, so it's confusing for something really sad to have just happened! Don't worry, if you give it a minute it'll sink in.

Then the sads hit, hard.


But it's okay, because you just broke up over the holidays and people expect you to cry and need a lot of hugs.

You also probably don't have work or school obligations for at least a few days and maybe even get to take a trip home to spend time with your family, so it's completely acceptable to curl up in your childhood bed and have a solid tearfest.

Then the holiday happiness gets to you and you let your family and friends convince you that you're over it.


But the underlying sadness doesn't leave. The kidney-exposing dress and top cut down-to-there aren't fooling anyone.

But then the holidays are over and you have to return to your real life, but all alone.


Talk about a buzzkill.

So you go through cycles of crying, being over it, crying, accepting it, crying, and so on and so forth.

Eventually you realize you're already coming up on the next set of holidays and your ex is a good person, but also ancient history. So why the glitter do you still give a fig?

Then you realize that girls are more fun right now and you are happy.


Commence sleepovers featuring dance parties and home spa treatments.

Do you have any funny breakup stories?

How long does it take you to get over it?

How many breakups have you had?


Please say hello, leave your comments, or answer my questions! It makes me smile when you leave me a note :) I read every single one of them and it makes my day when you guys say hi!

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