Feb 1, 2015

Recipe Review: Soft and Chewy Nutella White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I often enjoy making up my own recipes, or starting with someone else's recipe as a baseline and turning it into something totally different. But sometimes other people's recipes are already perfect as they are!

Averie Cooks's Soft and Chewy Nutella White Chocolate Chip Cookies are perfect exactly as the recipe is written, so I resisted the temptation to make any alterations and was pleased by my decision to do so!

My results

I don't have any changes to share, since I literally followed this to the letter, but I just encourage you to take her note about baking times (9 minutes and no more, unless you size the cookies differently - don't) seriously.

They may not look entirely done yet, but leave them on the hot baking tray for ten minutes and they'll be perfect when you transfer them to a cooling rack after that. Not overbaking them keeps them soft, chewy, and amazing!

What is the best recipe you've discovered lately? Links are welcome if the recipe is online!

How often do you follow recipes  as written?

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