Feb 12, 2015

The Perfect End to a Spring Break Trip - Fun, Frugal, and Fabulous!

I'm a year out from college and don't technically have a spring break anymore, nor do my friends, but it seems like a lot of people still choose to take a break around that time of year.

It makes sense, it's nice to break the year up into quarters with vacations to somewhere new and exciting - or old and comforting, like a trip home to see the family.

There's nothing quite like time with your family.
But whether you're still in college on an official spring break or just out of college on an unofficial (but way awesome) spring break, eventually the break ends and you have to get home.

Planes are pricey, trains are almost as pricey, buses tend to have a million unnecessary stops (well, I guess they're necessary for someone) and a car requires having, well, a car.

Tripda beats all! Basically, is that it's a matching platform that connects drivers with free seats in their cars with people heading the same way who (a) don't have a car, (b) don't want to drive, (c) want to save some money, or (d) want to win car sharing and be Eco Heroes.

Think online dating but for travel and without the dating. You can make new friends, get back from spring break, and save money for your next trip all at the same time!

Not only is it way more convenient than hitchhiking (save your thumb the exercise and don't waste all that time standing out in the cold), but it's also WAY safer. This isn't climbing into a stranger's car - Tripda has multiple checks to confirm the identity of all drivers and passengers, so it's as safe as getting a ride with a friend!

Extra win? You can opt for an All Ladies trip if that makes you more comfortable! And/or if you want to increase the odds that you guys spend the trip jamming to T-Swift and having awesome amounts of girl talk.

Speaking of making the drive itself more fun, the super-simple sign up process really optimizes those odds!

You just sign up with facebook and enter some basic preferences - if you like talking or not, eating in the car or none, pets or no, music or silence, etc. 

I don't know about you, but I'm all for a road trip with some seat dancing and solid singalong action.

Then you either list your ride if you're driving or search for a ride. It's fast, it's easy, it's safe, and you can make more friends while doing your part for the environment. Check it out at tripda.com!

What's your preferred transportation for trips?

Do you like driving or riding better?

What's on your road trip soundtrack?

This post is brought to you by Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. 

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