Feb 14, 2015

What Being Single On Valentine's Day Is Like

Last Valentine's Day was my first (and only, thus far) time celebrating the holiday in a relationship and before that Valentine's Day was a family/commercial holiday, but pretty divorced from its romantic mainstream version for me.

Now that I know what it 'should' be like, however, I can enjoy the plight of the single girl on Valentine's Day.

You have those other single girl friends who expect you to empathize about their V Day loneliness.


Girl, can you go sob over there in the corner? I'm trying to read my book kthnx. 

The most exciting thing about your evening is when your Seamless order arrives #singleladyspecial


I've sustained a serious injury running to answer the door, it's seriously dangerous to get too excited. 

That was for the mail, not Seamless, but still.

You have to walk around looking extra fabulous all day, so people don't think you're sad.

There are only so many pity smiles a girl can take. And we're too fabulous for this.

But even worse is that sketchy 'friend' who's trying to make the rounds with you and all your other single girl friends.

I'll pass, but thanks. 

Then you have those couple friends who think it's their life's purpose to make you be part of a couple, too.


But then you get your Valentine and chocolates from your mommy and you feel like princess awesome.

lizard animated GIF

Happy Valentine's Day!

What are you up to today?


  1. Absolutely love this post! It's so relatable! I am just hanging with friends and family.

  2. I'm married but spending the day alone since he's military and deployed. I decided to treat myself to a day of pizza, Angry Orchard, and hanging around the house in comfy clothes. :)

  3. Sounds like you made the best of it, Hodge Podge - what a lovely Saturday!


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