Feb 28, 2015

Where To Eat In Greensboro

Though I live in NYC now, I grew up in a (comparatively) small town in North Carolina.

Greensboro, NC is a beautiful, calm place to live with tons of gorgeous green trees, lovely lakes, sprawling suburbs, and...not that much to do, as far as cultural activities go. What we do have is lots of shopping (inside, outside, a mix of the two) and some pretty good food.

The produce in Greensboro, NC is much better than in Manhattan, not to mention much cheaper. And while North Carolina might have a lower restaurant density than Manhattan, there are still plenty of great dining options.

Here are some that I recommend!

The Juice Shop

There are two of these in Greensboro and it's no wonder why - they make some of the best smoothies in the American South, if not the world.

The smoothies are perfect for a hot day, because they're fresh, fruity, and served so cold that you can barely suck the slushy goodness up through your straw.

The portions are also very generous, so you can easily share them if you're having them with a meal (or get your own for a filling snack)!

Great Harvest Bakery

This is a chain, but I've only been the Greensboro store and it's amazing. 

Not only are the owners and staff very friendly, but it's such a cozy, warm bakery that always smells absolutely mouthwatering. The food is all amazing - I've never had anything I didn't love - and there's a natural, whole grain emphasis!

You can also get a free (generous) slice whenever you come in. Probably because they know it's impossible to not want to buy the whole loaf after you've tried a bit!

This is in Friendly Shopping Center, along with one of the Juice Shops. I love pairing treats from the two for a delicious lunch or large snack!

Iron Hen Cafe

If you're looking for a sit down meal of down-home Southern food with a local spin, you have to check out the Iron Hen Cafe.

It looks pretty unimposing from the street, but it's really cute inside, has outdoor seating with great umbrellas, a really friendly staff, a great dessert selection, and wonderful food.

They really shine at brunch time, but are also good for weekday lunch or dinner.

You can get everything from cheesy grits (if you want to really get into the local cuisine) to omelets, breakfast salad, fruit platters, homemade granola and yogurt parfaits, french toast, and many different types of pancakes!

Check out the Sweet Potato Pancakes. Seriously.

Village Tavern

Conveniently located in a shopping center next to a massive Kohl's, this is a great place for a family meal or a sit-down recharging lunch or dinner with mom after a long shopping trip.

For the omnivores, their burgers are among the best in Greensboro. For vegetarians, there are great flatbread options, a grain-based veggie burger, and even a quinoa and kale salad!

For the health conscious, there's even a Healthy Children's Menu - a refreshing change from the usual deep-fried or Mac & Cheese options found on kid's menus! It even features prime rib and fresh salmon for the juvenile epicurean.

Green Valley Grill

Okay, so you've done the casual food thing and even had a nicer meal - but now you're going for the elegance of fine dining. Whether it's Meeting the Parents over dinner, going on a hot date, or just celebrating your awesomeness by taking yourself out for a fancy meal, Green Valley Grill is a solid option.

It's next to the sustainable O'Henry Hotel near Friendly Center (isn't everything?). It's perfect for a dinner date, because it has a really nice, romantic atmosphere with great mood lighting and calming music.

The waiters really know what they're talking about when it comes to wine pairing suggestions. Try the Truffle Fries, Grape Leaf-Wrapped Salmon, and GVG Dessert Sampler.

Undercurrent Restaurant

If you can't get a reservation at Green Valley Grill, or just prefer luxe downtown dining, check out Undercurrent Restaurant.

There's a great seasonal emphasis, so the menu is constantly changing to adapt to what's new and fresh.

This might be just me, but I highly recommend trying to go in November. If you get really lucky, you might get there when the Dutch Kettle Pecan Tart is on the menu and then you are in. For. A. Treat.

If it's on the menu, order it!

Is where you grew up like where you live now?

Do you currently live where you want to live for (at least most) of the rest of your life? 

In an ideal world, how often would you move?

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