Feb 21, 2015

Why Undergarments Complete A Look

When we talk about perfecting a look, we tend to talk about things like the right shoe pairing, the right accessories, the right makeup, etc.

Often we neglect the most fundamental of things - no matter how great your outfit is, it's not going to be amazing if your undergarments aren't up-to-par! Undergarments are what take a good outfit to the next level - the Super-good level.

Since just wearing a superhero outfit isn't all that socially acceptable in most parts of the western world.
'But no one sees my undergarments - why do they matter?' That's a rookie mistake. There are so, so many reasons why undergarments are arguably one of the most important components of a great outfit!

They give you that private 'oomph.'

The biggest key to looking great in anything is feeling great. Life is just too short for granny panties and graying t-shirt bras!


If you can feel like a femme fatale in a black lace panty and balconet bra set, or whatever else floats your boat, why should you settle for feeling like a wallflower in undergarments you wouldn't show the world? You are the most important person. Don't show yourself underwear you wouldn't show a stranger (in an imaginary world where flashing strangers your undies isn't weird).

They make you feel like a grown-up Woman.

The capital 'W' kind, who irons her blouses and washes her sheets at least once a week, because her life is that in order.


It's up to you to decide to be that put-together woman and my goodness does it feel good to make that decision! We are finally in an age when we can have it all - intelligence, beauty, poise, and both professional and personal success.

Modern femininity is the equivalent of being Wonder Woman! I find that incredibly exciting.

You never know what might happen.

I don't even mean a very, very forward date! But what if (pardon my morbid German side) you get hit by a truck?

Do you really want to be found in those sad bikini briefs you've had since the eighth grade? What would your mom say?

It turns into glam loungewear.

Some days you get home and you're so tired that you just want to strip off your workwear, through yourself down on your bed, and indulge yourself in a good book and a bowl of ice cream and toppings.

If you're wearing something like the above under your clothes, you instantly made the aforementioned scenario a very chic, cosmopolitan thing to do (instead of something a future crazy cat lady would do).

Because really beautiful things exist and you should enjoy them.

A lot of the most beautiful lingerie is the kind of impractical stuff that you don't really wear under clothing. But all the better to lounge in! Here are some absolutely stunning pieces to take your breath away and inspire you to choose to be ravishing underneath your clothes.

Agent Provocateur Gloria Basque + Thong - $940.00
Agent Provocateur gets me every time. Be still, my heart.


Don't be embarrassed if you never outgrew your girlhood love of giant bows and frills. I haven't either and, judging by the amount of lingerie featuring one, the other, or both, neither have a lot of woman. Lingerie is just for us, so feel free to bow and frill it up!

Lingerie inspiration by BeachBunny94

I've been obsessed with lingerie since I was a little girl and now that it's finally age-appropriate, I intend to enjoy every opportunity to indulge in its feminine beauty. I love being a woman!

What do you love most about lingerie?

What are your favorite lingerie styles?

What are your favorite places to buy lingerie from?

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