Mar 19, 2015

22 Days Nutrition: Eat like Beyoncé

Try not to swoon from excitement, if you haven't heard this yet and you're a Queen Bey fan.


In the best news to hit the BeyHive since Beyonce casually dropped that amazing album the way the rest of us drop a bagel, it is now possible to eat just like Beyoncé did during her famous vegan challenge with Jay-Z last year!

22 Days Nutrition - Baba's Kidney Beans
Whether you've been curious about veganism for a while, want to increase the portion of your diet that's plantbased by going vegan for a few weeks and reintroducing animal products in smaller quantities, or just don't feel like cooking and do feel like being a queen, this Beyonce-22 Days Nutrition collaboration is as hot as the track Zedd and Selena dropped amidst the are they/aren't they media frenzy.

The meals are conveniently cooked all the way through and portioned out.

And they're made of only healthy, wholesome ingredients.

All you have to do is nuke them for 2-3 minutes in the microwave.

If you're in a rush, you can eat straight from the trays they're delivered in, but these are the kind of beautiful, sensuous meals that you'll want to plate.

22 Days Nutrition - Lunar New Year Pasta
The service includes filling lunches, warming dinners, and sweet breakfasts that take all the guesswork out of healthy, balanced vegan eating. 

22 Days Nutrition - Berry Chia Pudding
And they had a dish featuring Kabocha. They also have both the best granola and best banana muffins I've ever had the pleasure of eating. So yes, I'm a fan!

I would highly recommend trying eating like Beyoncé - it's delicious! Now is the perfect time to clean up a less than health winter hibernation diet.

St. Bart's Brown Rice
As they say, Beyonce wasn't made in a day. But perhaps in 22? Happy eating!

What portion of your diet is currently plant-based?

Do you want to eat like Beyoncé? If not, is there a celebrity whose dort you do want to try (and who)?

What's your favorite Beyonce song? I'm not committing to it as my favorite, but I first heard 'Disappear' by Beyonce a few months ago and I'm not sure if it was the timing of the song's entry into my life or the haunting melody, but 'Disappear' and I are still going strong.


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