Mar 25, 2015

3 Reasons Why Girl Power is Good for Everyone!

As an actress and a creative writer - and thus someone who probably spends a little too much time in a fantasy world - I love movies, television shows, novels, etc. Creativity and make believe are such fun explorations of alternate possibilities!

But there's something that's all too common in entertainment that really bothers me.

The depiction of girl-girl interactions.

A lot of movies, especially in the USA (as compared to German television) portray women as contenders. They're always fighting over something, whether it's a man, a job, or the last pair of Jimmy Choo's at a late summer sample sale.

And you know what the real problem with that is? Just as much as fiction imitates reality, reality is molded by popular fiction. This pop culture girl versus girl world is toxic, because it encourages women to think about women in that destructively competitive, instead of constructive, way.

So what ends up happening? We tear each other down, instead of building each other up.

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Women should support each other! There is no pair of heels, no job, and certainly no man worth putting that negative energy out into the world. When we work together, we can achieve great things!

Here are three reasons why girl power is good for everyone.
1. Success is like a muscle, not a pen - the more you use it, there more there is!

You don't have to compete with other women. So why would you want to?

The wonderful thing about success is that you can all have it! And the success of one woman can directly aid in the success of another woman. If a woman creates a successful business, that creates more jobs for more people - including other women!

2. Sisterhood is great, because we all go through some of the same things and can thus sometimes support each other better than others.

Whether it's how to get over a breakup, how to deal with cramps, or how to keep your bras looking new for more washes, sometimes another girl who has been through the same thing can give the best advice! Talking to guys about how many pads you go through a year is like:

Don't Care Done animated GIF

At the very least, women lend a sympathetic ear.

3. We get the energy back that we give out.

When we're mean, we don't actually end up feeling better about ourselves. If we see other women as our competition, we're setting ourselves up for a constant bad mood. There are seven billion people in the world, roughly half of whom are female, so at any given moment there is a woman having some sort of success somewhere.

 Why you gotta poop on my parade?!? -  Why you gotta poop on my parade?!?  Misc

Maybe she looks absolutely stunning today. Maybe she PR'd her plank time. Maybe she got an awesome promotion. Maybe she found true love. Maybe she won a Pulitzer Prize.

Whatever it is, if we see her as our competition then it feels like her success is our lack of success. That's a crappy way to feel! If, instead, we see her victories as another victory for women - an awesome group to which we belong - every woman's success is another reason to smile!

Wouldn't you rather go through life with fireworks and happiness? I would!

When was the last time you felt or saw girls rooting for each other?

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