Mar 11, 2015

Best Healthy Vegan Fast Food in NYC

NYC has lots of wonderful food. It's also a mecca for vegans and vegetarians, just like LA on the West Coast. Here are some of my favorites!

Let's start with my absolute favorite. I'm obsessed with Juice Generation, especially their off-the-wall delicious Maki Rolls, and I am so thrilled that they're opening a cafe in my neighborhood later this spring!

I'm so stoked to have so many maki rolls in my life. Their acai bowls are also great, considering that it's not Hawaii!

Organic Avenue is also great for raw vegan and gluten-free options, if you're looking for either of those!

I'm a big fan of their collard wraps. Above is the Thai Collard Wrap and below is the Spicy Banh Mi Wrap.

But my absolute favorite is their Mushroom Wrap.

Sooooo good.

More into cooked than raw? That's cool, too! Guess who sells roast kabocha as a side? Peacefood Cafe!

Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the food there, but it's amazing. Even my then-boyfriend, who's a healthy eater but a little skeptical about crunchy-granola vegan food, enjoyed his take-out meal from there!

I have yet to actually eat in the cafe, I have only ordered from them through Seamless, but I walked past the Upper West Side location and it looked really inviting!

If you're stuck in Times Square (definitely not my favorite part of NYC, though it has its merits, too) check out Europa Cafe.

I really liked their salad bar and it's a huge salad with so many options for mix-ins!

If you're in lower Manhattan and/or eating with someone who wants some meat, check out Stamina Grill!

Their veggie burger salad is my hands-down favorite there.

It's also just my favorite veggie burger salad, period! It always looks a little different, as you can see, but it always tastes amazing.

The veggies are fresh, the burger patty is big and filling and flavorful. Yum!

If you're looking for something more exotic, check out Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Vegan Cafe

It's a great macrobiotic (I don't know what that means, but I'll take their word for it) and vegan Asian food place. Even the non-vegetarians I was with enjoyed it a lot and wanted to return.

It's only fast food if you order out for delivery, however. 

But it tastes almost as good when you do! Any place instantly gets points with me when they serve kabocha as a side. Yum!

If you use the coupon code 'LiveLearnEat' you get 15% off your order (dine-in or order-out alike).

But let's not forget about dessert!

Red Mango Dark Chocolate Sorbetto with all the toppings is the best!

This is, of course, not a comprehensive list. There are so many places that I haven't eaten at yet and even some that I haven't heard of yet!

My NYC to-try list is still long and includes Gingersnap's Organic, Dimes, Two Hands, Liquiteria, and more!

And you know what NYC still needs?

A b.good! Pleasepleaseplease.

What are your favorite eateries in your city?

What are your favorite places to eat in NYC

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