Mar 27, 2015

Healthy Hacks in Hawaii

Are you lucky enough to have a trip to Hawaii on the horizon? YAY!

Hawaii is stunning.

But as much as we all love a beautiful vacation, vacations have a common bad reputation for wrecking healthy habits. Yes, you're not adhering to your normal routine. Yes, you're probably not hitting the gym and getting your usual lunch salad. You're on vacation, things should be different than in your day-to-day life!

True as that is, that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice health for fun!

Try the local breakfast specialty - acai and pitaya bowls!

You can get hotel eggs and bacon anywhere. Venture out of your hotel to a nearby cafe for amazingly delicious, fresh and fruity sweet acai and pitaya bowls.

They're not only way yummier and more exotic than your usual breakfast staples, they're also packed with healthy fruit for energy to fuel your adventures!

 The only thing to be careful of is the honey layer on top - a little honey is totally fun (and absolutely yummy) but some places will completely cover the whole top of the bowl with almost an inch thick layer of honey.

If you notice that, ask them to go light on the honey! You don't want your healthy breakfast to turn into a sugar bomb.

Ditch the pool for watersports on the beach or hikes in the scenic mountains.

When you're on a tropical vacation, you want to relax. And pool (or, better, beach) lounging is definitely called for! But don't let that be all you do.

Go on some hikes and try a new watersport or two (SUP is incredibly fun!) for a more balanced, fitter vacation!

But maybe don't hike a forbidden trail in a bikini up a steep cliff, like someone I know...

Ask they locals where they buy fruit and other grocery essentials.

It's easy to be put off of the healthy snacking and reach for packaged vending machine snacks - or skip snacks entirely and end up overeating at meals because you're ravenous - when you're staring down $3 resort apples.

wait... what? - wait... what?  koala bear

What's that Red Delicious made of, rubies?

But often there's a grocery store just a short bus ride or a ten minute walk from your resort where you can get more reasonably priced fruit to keep in your room.

It's likely still going to be more expensive than you're used to, since Hawaii imports most of its food goods and that inflates prices, but it'll be much more reasonable than resort prices.

Drink the water!

Hawaii feels far removed from the USA, since it's such a different climate than found anywhere in mainland USA and looks so different - there's also a very large Japanese population, so there's a lot of Asian cultural influence - but it is still part of the USA! One of the biggest advantages of that is that the drinking water is safe.

So drink up!

Dehydration is a huge enemy of your skin, hair, health, and happiness.

You don't want to come back from vacation and have that one token honest friend say that to you.

Have you been to Hawaii?

What's the most beautiful place you've ever been to?

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