Mar 2, 2015

My Style: New Yorker Chic

One of my favorite things about NYC, after the convenience of having everything right there and so many great opportunities, is that people are a lot more daring with fashion - and it's totally okay to be!

I'm as guilty as anyone of getting into a style grind and wearing the same jeans and shirts day in an day out, until my fashion choices are more effective than Ambien at causing serious snoozes.

If I'm home, I love wearing fun, cute outfits. But sometimes I don't see the point (whenever I actually do it, though, I immediately feel the point).

When I went out when I was younger, I tended not to do anything too provocative - after all, I was already the nerdy immigrant scholarship kid and didn't need any extra help with not fitting in, thankyouverymuch.

I've been shoved in a locker. Not figuratively. True story, guys (though not exactly a life highlight and it was a decade ago).

In NYC, everyone is different - just like in the rest of the world. But here, people embrace their different and/or don't care enough about each other to think about each other's different-ness. It's empowering!

Fashion is self-expression. Free yourself to be, and dress, exactly as you are!

Whether you're going for a bolder makeup look than usual, showing more skin than usual, wearing a natural hairstyle when you usually blow-dry it straight, or just going for a bold color, I challenge you to step outside your style comfort zone this week!

You might be surprised to discover the power fashion has over your attitude in general.

Photographer - Alexander Thorsen

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