Mar 4, 2015

Review: Chinoa Bites

I love breakfast - it's my favorite meal of the day! So much so that I even eat breakfast for lunch and/or dinner often. 

But sometimes, no matter how much you love breakfast, it's tough to get up early enough for a leisurely sit-down breakfast. 

Chinoa Bites have all the goodness of a healthy granola in convenient on-the-go bites that are easy to eat at your desk at work, in class, on the train, or wherever you are. 

With this breakfast, you get that extra bit of sleep and you get to start your day on a healthy, satisfying, and delicious note. 

Chinoa Bites come in four delicious varieties, each of which is vegan, gluten-free, all natural, and full of heart-healthy Omega 3s, antioxidants, and vitamins. 

For all of those wonderful things that they're full of, they're also wonderfully free of refined sugar. That's perfect, because a sugary breakfast that gives you a quick energy spike and then a terrible crash is the last thing that you need when you're busy.

But don't worry! They're sweetened with apple juice and so jam-packed with delicious dried fruits that you don't miss the added sugar at all!

They're all delicious but my favorite is the Dark Magic.

What can I say? I love dark chocolate! Dark chocolate paired with nuts, dried fruits, and whole grain oats is perfect!

These bites are a softer, stickier type of granola, not hard and crunchy.

That's a plus for eating quietly (they don't crunch loudly and won't disturb your colleagues or peers), but you'll want to be sure to bring along a wipe or some hand sanitizer for after you eat if you won't be able to wash your hands afterwards.

You can order them online or, if you're in NYC, you can find them at the 82nd Street green market before 2pm on Saturdays!

What is your favorite kind of on-the-go breakfast?
Do you eat breakfast every day? If not, how many days per week? 

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