Mar 23, 2015

Wrawp Review - Raw, Vegan, and Packing Veggies!

In theory, I like wraps. They're a convenient lunch and hold crunchy veggies, creamy spreads, and smoky tempeh perfectly. 

In reality, however, the bland flour tortilla used to create the actual wraps turns me off of the entire thing. 

Perhaps I was spoiled growing up with the best bread in the world (German bread, in case you were wondering) but wraps didn't have the textural appeal of good bread and didn't have any exciting flavors. I was quite unimpressed.

But I've recently discovered a raw vegan wrap that works for gluten-free and paleo diets (I don't do any of the above personally, but I know that many of you do).

Wrawps are made out of dried fruits, coconut, spices, and some varieties even include veggies!

They're available in an assortment of delicious, inspired varieties spanning the flavor spectrum from the savory to the sweet.

I couldn't possibly pick a favorite among them, but they are collectively preferred over traditional flour wraps.

Not only do I like the taste better, but they're also packed with nutrients!

The only downside to Wrawps is that they tended to crumble quickly and want to stay in their sheet shape, which would make forming a true wrap. I found that (since I don't follow a raw vegan diet) warming them in the oven, on the stovetop, or in the microwave made them more pliable and less likely to break.

If you don't want to apply heat, it's quite possible that you won't be able to use them as a true wrap because of their reluctance to fold cold. But they're so delicious and so nutritious that they'd still make an excellent handy crust for a raw vegan pizza!

The Smokey Heaven is especially well-suited to make a 'flat crust pizza' of sorts. Just add some tomato sauce, your favorite toppings, some cashew cheese and you have a healthy, yummy vegan pizza in just minutes!

Have you tried Wrawps?

Do you prefer sandwiches or wraps?

What are your favorite sandwich or wrap fillings?


  1. well i just got home with the original wrawp i got in my health food store for first time ,let c how i can manage


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