Apr 8, 2015

5 Things I Wish Existed

The world is full of wonderful things (the internet!) and less wonderful things (the selfie stick) but sometimes the things we really need want don't exist.

Here's a short list of five things that would be awesome if they existed.


We would send them to go do all the awkward first dates for us, then cut in for the second date with the good ones.


The guys would never notice the difference, right?

Harvard Time outside of Harvard.

Or no Harvard Time at Harvard. Harvard Time means that everything starts seven minutes late (so an 11am class is really 11:07) but that's a terrible habit to learn for the real world.

                           I told you I'll be ready in five

Seven minutes late is seven minutes too late!

That decorating machine from the live-action 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'

I know it's still almost a whole year until Christmas comes around again, but I was always totally jealous of that machine.

I would explode Christmas all over EVERYTHING. December 1 would be so epic.


I would never take the subway again and I'd save so much money on Uber.

Except when it rains. Which is a lot. Hmm...

A weather-proof bubble.

You could keep your world climate-controlled all while preventing randos on the subway from bumping into you!

               blahblahstuffs: the girl in a ball by didier_82 on flickr.

'Cus cooties.

What's a crazy invention you wish existed?

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