Apr 18, 2015

My (Food Processor) To-Do List!

I got a food processor for Christmas from my parents! It's red, mini, and adorable.


Now that I'm thoroughly versed in the art of food processing nuts into plain nut butters and frozen bananas into creamilicious nice cream, it's time to branch out with some more involved recipes!

Aka things that can actually be called recipes.

Here's my food processor to-do list!

Where shall we start? With fancy nut butters, of course!

I'm a veritable queen at pouring peanuts and salt into my food processor, so it's high time to give cool flavors, like Monique's Dark Chocolate Almond Butter with Sea Salt (above), a try! I bet it would go very well with my Simple Sourdough Bread.

Since I'm a millennial woman living in New York City and I love things like kale, yoga, and acai bowls, I definitely need to include something hippiesh on the list.

Grok's Raw Hemp Algae Bars fit the bill perfectly!

My bank knows that I love raw vegan sushi. But until the Juice Generation in Manhattan's Financial District opens, I should try making my own!


I am now fully equipped to give SweetlyRaw's Veggie Nori Rolls with Ginger Pate a go!

I'm going to include just one more recipe, because I want this list to actually be a doable list of recipes that I'll try out within the next week or two. Here's to closing on a strong note!

Chunky Cinnabon Nice Cream - Vegan and Gluten-Free - Easy and no ice cream maker required! From TheGlowingFridge
Shannon's Chunky Cinnabon Nice Cream sounds like the perfect way to finish any kitchen experimentation!

What is your favorite food processor recipe? Links are welcome, if the recipe is online!

Do you use your food processor or your blender more?

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