Apr 6, 2015

Review: Nakd Bars

I love bars. They're convenient, (often) yummy, shelf-stable, backpack-friendly, TSA-approved, safe for sharing, and perfect for donation if you come upon a surprise food drive or a hungry person in need of help. 

For those who follow non-traditional diets like the raw vegan diet or a gluten-free diet, however, it can be hard to find a yummy bar that fits into your diet! You'd be surprised by how many protein bars are not vegan (I was surprised) and if you're raw vegan it's a real rarity to stumble upon a bar that you can eat.

Nakd bars are a great bar option that are vegan, raw vegan, gluten-free, healthy, and well portioned for snacking.

Even those of us who don't follow those special diets will enjoy them! I did.
Nakd bars are from the UK, but readily available to healthy snackers in other countries, too, through an easy-to-use online ordering site.

The bars ship quickly and arrive in a cardboard box (within a larger mailing package with padding that perfectly protects the bars from breaking or getting smushed in shipping). 

You can order an assortment of bars, like I tried, if you're new to Nakd bars and haven't chosen flavors yet. 

First, your snack compliments you. Then you eat your snack and it's delicious. Then you have the energy from the healthy, natural snack and, in the long run, become more gorgeous (setting you up for the cycle of snack box compliments to continue) from the healthy fats of the nuts in the bars. Those healthy fats are great for your skin and your hair!

The cycle of happy Nakd bar snacking is the perfect snacking experience, really.

The bars come in a large assortment of scrumptious flavors, each more delicious than the next.

The bars all look more or less the same, except for different coloring between the flavors, but the flavors are diverse. The Caffe Mocha was one of my favorites - it was lightly chocolatey with a strong coffee flavor. Yum! It tasted like a candy bar.

Unlike a candy bar, however,  Nakd bars are made of just nuts, dried fruits, soy crunchies, fruit juice, and spices. 

There's no added sugar, it's just solid plant-based nutrition!

Bars made of nuts and dried fruit bars are, by nature, rich and dense. A lot of fruit-and-nut bars are thus quite heavy for a light snack, especially for children. Nakd bars are portioned well for that little peckishness or for an on-the-go snack for kids. If you're hungrier, you can pack two!

Have you tried  Nakd Bars?

What are your favorite snack bars?

Do you prefer chocolate-y or fruity bars?

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