Apr 23, 2015

The Best Acai Bowls in Hawaii!

Summer, and summer break for those on an academic calendar, is rapidly approaching. It's the perfect time for a cyber getaway - to Hawaii! I had the most amazing vacation of my life this past fall. I went to Hawaii (a split stay between Oahu and Kauai) for ten days with my (then) boyfriend!

It was expensive, but so worth it. Hawaii is the frickin' BEST.

Hawaii is stunning, fun, peaceful, relaxing, multicultural, rich in biodiversity, and also incredibly delicious! I highly recommend saving up and going some day, even as a once in a lifetime trip (it's a perfect, and popular, honeymoon spot).

Anyway, if you do manage to go, here's a ranked list of the best acai bowls in Oahu, Hawaii!

Hey, researching this was tough work. But someone has to do it ;) 

#4) The Hiking Cafe - Pitaya Bowl

This place offers both acai and pitaya bowls, but here it's actually the pitaya bowl that shines the brightest.

It's not just because it's hot pink and each purchase goes partially towards breast cancer research. 

It's because the sweet-tart pitaya goes perfectly well with the crispy homemade granola, the super ripe sliced banana, the fresh raspberries, juicy kiwi, and decadent honey drizzle.

It's a big bowl, but it's so good that you won't want it to end until it does and you realize that you are delightfully satisfied, freezing cold, and stuffed.

The cafe also offers pizzas, omelettes, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and more, so it's great for a mixed group.

#3) Marie's Health Foods Organic Cafe - Acai Bowl

This one is tricky to find, because it doesn't have its own website and the Yelp address isn't current. Just ask around, though (it's on Saratoga Road by the Eggs 'n Things) because it's worth it. The Veggie Burger here is great, but the acai bowl is what I kept coming back for again and again.

It comes in two sizes, a big bowl and a small bowl.

The big bowl is a little large for one and the small bowl is a little small to satisfy, but big is good if you're getting it for a meal and the small is good if you just want a snack or had a really large meal earlier in the day.

They'll even add spirulina powder on top here if you ask (it's $1.50 extra, but everything in Hawaii is expensive) and I recommend it. The extra nuttiness goes really well with the super sweet bowl!

I came here over five times for the acai bowl over the course of the trip and every single time the bowl was up to the same standard of scrumptious excellence. You can't go wrong!

Spirulina also serves as green lipstick.
My (then) boyfriend had a sandwich here (I believe it was the tuna sandwich?) and really loved it. He likes trying different things, but he got it twice! So that's saying something.

#2) Hawaiian Crown Plantation - Acai Bowl

This place has minimal seating and only sells juices, smoothies, and one kind of acai bowl, but that one acai bowl has so many more toppings than most places.

Everything is very high quality and there are strawberries, bananas, pineapples, blueberries, macadamia nuts, cacao nibs, and TWO layers of awesomely crunchy and sweet granola.

There's a layer on top and a layer on the bottom!

Come for the toppings, be blown away by the bowl, and forget all about the lackluster dining area. Trust me, you'll want to get the large bowl. It's the perfect size for something so yummy!

#1) Goofy Cafe and Dine - Berry Bowl

This place has a really decent price point for a sit-down place and is conveniently located near Waikiki beach and by a major road.

It also serves breakfast all day and offers Hawaiian French Toast alongside dinner dishes in case you're with a split group and some want acai goodness while others prefer something savory (whaaaaat - there is madness in the world).

Though it's a sit-down place with a roof, the sides are open so you get the nice ocean breeze. It has a great ambience, too! But that's not why this place rocks.

This is. This is why I went back multiple times over the duration of my trip.

The Tropical Bowl is great, too, but the Berry Bowl is what it's all about!

The Berry Bowl acai bowls are out of this world, manna from the heavens good. They're big, creamy, frozen to a perfect soft serve consistency, and topped with plenty of granola and honey and bananas and fruit.

SOOOOOO GOOD. I could eat one of these every day for the rest of my life and I probably (very happily) would if I lived next to Goofy Cafe and Dine in Hawaii. 

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Why yes. Yes, it would.

Have you ever had an acai bowl?

What is the best vacation you've ever had?

When and where will your next vacation be?

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  1. You are so lucky for being at Hawaii!
    I've never been there :( The acai bowls look amazing.


    Simplicity is Chic


    Simplicity is Chic

    1. This trip was last fall, I'm currently in decidedly not-tropical NYC :p

  2. They all look delicious! I think I've never tried eating an acai bowl.

    Lots of love,


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