Apr 2, 2015

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

St. Patrick's Day and the official start of spring have come and gone. Easter is right around the bend and, before you know it, that will have passed as well.

And then, just like every other year, you'll wake up one morning in a panicked frenzy and a cold sweat - it's the day before Mother's Day and you don't have the perfect gift for the best mom ever yet!

Don't worry. This post serves as a reminder to get your Mother's Day gift squared away early, so that you can prevent that.

ClubsGalore Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I recently got to try a month's delivery from ClubsGalore and I'm convinced that a lot of moms would be beyond thrilled to receive a subscription to a monthly club this year! 

I received a March delivery from the Fruit of the Month Club and this is what awaited me when I opened my cute Fruit of the Month box.

Be still, my heart.

The pears were perfect. The apples were Out. Of. This. World.

Have I mentioned that I have a slight obsession with apples?

It's not so slight. Especially not when they're Pink Lady Apples.


It's no surprise that the fruit is amazing - each month's delivery from the Fruit of the Month features 5 pounds of freshly picked seasonal fruit from an Oregon Orchard, nicely packed for bruise-free shipping. Especially for city dwellers with reduced access to fresh seasonal fruit at reasonable prices, getting this package in the mail is a real treat!

Does your mom happen to live on a fruit orchard in Oregon, with more fruit than she knows what to do with? No worries - with over 40 clubs and a mix & match Variety Club to choose from, there's something for every mom.

But maybe your mom is a huge fan of traditional Mother's Day gifts, like flowers and chocolate. Even then, a monthly club is the better choice. Because what's better than flowers and/or chocolate on one day? Flowers and/or chocolate every month!

Because let's be real - we love our moms every month. And we definitely call them at ungodly hours of the night for advice, or because our tummies hurt, every day month.

There's a new monthly payment option, allowing you to gift an on-going club subscription that you renew as you go!

Want to save a buck? Save $5 off of your first month, plus free shipping, with the code CGMOM5 at checkout! The offer is valid through 5/10/15.

Just look at that pear.
In order to get your first box delivered in time for Mother's Day, be sure to order by 4/25/15 and free shipping will get the job done! If you miss that, you can still order by 5/7 using the two day shipping option, or as late as 5/8 if you select overnight express delivery.

In case you miss all those deadlines and wake up with a racing heart and a heavy sense of delinquent daughter guilt the day before Mother's Day, despite this early reminder, you can still use the 'Print Your Gift' announcement feature to print a free custom Certificate Announcement to give your mom, so she can get excited for the box to arrive some days later. This can be printed before or after completing your purchase, for extra convenience!

What is the best Mother's Day gift you've ever given (or received)?

Which club would you want the most? I seriously wish I had the Fruit of the Month Club (this would totally be a hint, hint moment, but my birthday was three days ago).

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