Apr 4, 2015

Why the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a Disney World Must-Stay

I lovelovelove all things Disney and Disney World, as anyone who knows me well enough can attest to.

I'm the one who's so excited that she's vibrating.
But here are some reasons why, of all the wonderful Walt Disney World Resorts, I will continue returning to the Animal Kingdom Lodge time and time again!

You get to walk up to this every time you come home to your resort:

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It makes visiting the Animal Kingdom park unnecessary and you get to see beautiful exotic animals at any time of the day, from the comfort of your own hotel.

Disney Deluxe Resort best - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

They're so much closer to you at the resort and strolling around in the evening is amazing - they have little stations set up with night vision goggles to watch the animals!

...sleep. I've yet to find one doing anything particularly interesting and I think a few times my animal observations were really just me observing a big, lumpy rock, but it's cool in theory!

The on-property dining options are out of this world.

Disney Deluxe Resort best - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

...er, out of this country. And continent! Experience the best of Africa and, as a genuine South African who has dined there with a genuine Zimbabwean father, I can confirm that the food is authentic and prepared very well.

But the Americans and Europeans that I've enjoyed Boma, Sanaa, and Jiko with all really enjoyed the food as well! There's really something for everyone and you will not find yourself eating 'Park Food' unless you really want to.

You feel like you're in Africa.

Disney Deluxe Resort best - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

The architecture, the music, the food, the people - it's amazing. It's definitely up to the Disney standard of impeccable attention to detail. Very magical, indeed!

If you can, go during Christmas time. Florida in December isn't tooo different from southern Africa in December (December is mid-summer in the southern hemisphere) and when you see the Christmas tree you'll be like:


How did this resort just get even better?? With an epic-ly awesome Christmas tree of amazing, that's how!

What is your favorite hotel? It can be a Disney hotel or something totally unrelated!

Do you have any trips planned? If so, where to and when?

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